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Apr 16, 2007 11:28 AM

Tofu - something besides stir fries?

I've been eating a good amount more of tofu lately but can only throw together so many stir fries or simple soups.

What do you fine folks suggest? Any favorites?

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  1. you can add to a soup !
    put some yummy veggies ina broth and at the end add the tofu

    1. deborah madison has a good book, cheezy title: "this can't be tofu"--

      here is a good website for the best of punk-rock vegan cooking:

      1. With silken tofu, I do smoothies (a classic) and a really good chocolate "mousse" - it's delicious, easy (in the blender) and no one ever guesses that it is tofu. (I don't tell them in fear they won't eat it again)

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          Could you please post your mousse recipe and the brand of silken tofu you prefer?


          1. re: LAWoman

            mori nu silken is great and shelf stable...i've use cooking light's tofu mouse recipe, mixed it with fatfree cool whip and put it into a grahm cracker crust for a vegan pudding the way, cooking light is awash in tofu may want to look through their search engine

            here's a link to their recipe


          1. re: morebubbles

            I'm thinking of baking it tonight but what do you make with it - vegetables I mean.

            1. re: hooliganyouth

              if you bake it don't forget to press it-- better texture, better flavor absorption. you are probably already doing this for stir-frys but you never know. . .

              1. re: soupkitten

                I do indeed - though the extrafirm I buy seems to have gallons of water in it.

                1. re: hooliganyouth

                  Can you explain how to press tofu? I'm not really sure what to do!

                  1. re: Kagey

                    It's easy...what I do is take the extra-firm or firm tofu (I usually buy Nasoya), cut the cake in half lengthwise, then put the two halves on a plate with a few paper with more paper towels and then weight it with my cast iron pan...let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes and then remove the cakes and prepare the dish. I've also heard that blanching the tofu in boiling water drains off excess water too but have not tried that method yet.

                    1. re: Val

                      I have never used paper towels, just pour off water from the pressing every so often.

                      Shelf stable tofu is ok but fresh is better. Make sure to change water every day though.

              2. re: hooliganyouth

                hy, I've served the baked tofu just with rice & a steamed green veggie. Also have served it with roasted veggies, such as cauliflower, rutabaga & carrots. Hope you enjoy.

                1. re: hooliganyouth

                  Again, Chocolate mousse -
                  If you have a Whole Foods or sim in your village, buy their pudding mix using
                  mori - nu. They make the mix as well. Comes in a smll package. YUMMO! Chocolate, banana and vanilla. :)KQ

              3. Tofu salads, fried tofu, patties, mabo tofu, buta dofu(pork and tofu with a miso sauce, cold tofu with grated daikon, ginger, shaved bonito flakes, green onions and shoyu is my favorite-(hiya-yakko sp?), plain tofu plopped on hot ramen noodles. Sukiyaki uses a lot of different ingredients but the tofu marinating in the sauce is so good.

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                1. re: mochi mochi

                  Tofu Parm, use extra firm tofu and make just as you would with chicken.

                  1. re: Mint Chip

                    I've done this before too and loved the results. I do season the tofu more aggressively than I would chicken because it's a little blander.

                  2. re: mochi mochi

                    Some ideas here at The Japan Times:


                    Here is some more information on tofu and other soy products:


                    A friend who authored a tofu cookbook says her friends love chirimenjako and peanuts quickly sauteed and then mixed with fish sauce and poured over tofu...

                    1. re: Yukari

                      These days I'm really into the following:

                      Cubed silken tofu, poured over with some ponzu and topped with dabs of yuzu-kosho, cilantro leaves, and sprinkled with salted sunflower seeds.