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Apr 16, 2007 11:07 AM

[MSP] Where to buy naan bread?

I cook a lot of curry at home and would love to have it with a side of naan. Does anyone know of a grocery store that sells it?

I bought some from the bakery aisle at Lunds once, but it was really doughy and dense and not at all like restaurant-style naan. I admit it's probably impossible to replicate that light, airy texture in a grocery item.

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  1. the best, not fresh naan i've found is from Trader Joe's. It's packaged in the frozen section, i believe 3 come in a package. They have regulalr naan and garlic naan. It's convenient to just stock up on it and to heat one up in the toaster oven.

    1. I haven't noticed it at any grocery stores, but couldn't you just pick up a take out order at a restaurant? Everest on Grand comes to mind because I really like their garlic naan, but I imagine you could get it at any restaurant of Indian persuasion.

      1. i've seen it for sale at whole foods as well, (in deli/frig area) don't recall price. i think i'd buy it from a local rest, too. my vote is for the vegetarian, central & 40th NE-- closed on mondays

        1. The whole idea/attraction of Naan is that it comes hot & crackling out of a tandoor...but if you must, Trader Joe's Garlic & Coriander is the best frozen variety I've tried. My brother always has it on hand when the munchies attack.

          1. The original comment has been removed