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[MSP] Where to buy naan bread?

I cook a lot of curry at home and would love to have it with a side of naan. Does anyone know of a grocery store that sells it?

I bought some from the bakery aisle at Lunds once, but it was really doughy and dense and not at all like restaurant-style naan. I admit it's probably impossible to replicate that light, airy texture in a grocery item.

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  1. the best, not fresh naan i've found is from Trader Joe's. It's packaged in the frozen section, i believe 3 come in a package. They have regulalr naan and garlic naan. It's convenient to just stock up on it and to heat one up in the toaster oven.

    1. I haven't noticed it at any grocery stores, but couldn't you just pick up a take out order at a restaurant? Everest on Grand comes to mind because I really like their garlic naan, but I imagine you could get it at any restaurant of Indian persuasion.

      1. i've seen it for sale at whole foods as well, (in deli/frig area) don't recall price. i think i'd buy it from a local rest, too. my vote is for the vegetarian, central & 40th NE-- closed on mondays

        1. The whole idea/attraction of Naan is that it comes hot & crackling out of a tandoor...but if you must, Trader Joe's Garlic & Coriander is the best frozen variety I've tried. My brother always has it on hand when the munchies attack.

          1. There are many, many offerings at South Asian Foods, a grocery store on Central Ave. It's just south of the I-694 interchange, on the same street as the SuperTarget.

            A good place for lunches to go, traditional sweets, frozen foods, Bollywood superstars on video, and items that I didn't know existed and just gotta try.

            1. TC Market is a nice little Indian grocery on Portland (I think I got it right, this time) in Richfield just south of 494. Lots of raw ingredients, spice mixes, frozen paneer (yes, it freezes great).

              There's another Indian grocery that recently opened across the street from it, but I haven't been yet.

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                I'll corrrect myself and post an update. It's TBS mart, and they sell refrigerated (not frozen) naan and chapati.

                And it's a Patel market on the other side of the street.

              2. Patel Bros. on Central Avenue has a wide range of Indian bread products. The Naans are quite good.

                1. I can happily report that husband and I were pretty pleased with the frozen naan from Trader Joe's.

                  I plan on trying the other brands mentioned the next time we make it to those neighborhoods. Thanks!

                  1. I found the most wonderful product, Stonefire brand Naan bread is the best I have ever tried and I use it for all sorts of things even a wonderful diet pizza. Try Kroger, Foodsco, Foods4less. It says they carry it. This is the lightest, fluffiest naan and so flavorful. They even have whole wheat naan. Good luck and enjoy!