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Dinner at "Trendy Jewish Deli" for picky uncle

Have my mom and uncle visiting next week, and he requested a "trendy jewish deli" to eat near the Hilton New York. Any ideas?

Also any ideas for just good American food (not cheap/touristy) places near the Hilton New York?


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  1. If such a place as a "trendy Jewish deli" exists in NYC, I've never heard of it. One place that has very non-traditional decor is the Mill Basin Deli, in Brooklyn, where the walls are literally an art gallery with artists such as Erte, Lichtenstein, Chagall, etc., represented. The food also happens to be excellent.

    Regarding "American" food, are you looking for a steakhouse? Or do you want Contemporary American cuisine? If the former, Quality Meats and Ruth's Chris are nearby. If the latter, The Modern is very close.

    1. Check out Rosen's Deli...it's on 51st and Madison.
      American spots near the Hilton: Bar Americain, Ruth's Chris, The Palm

      1. By "trendy" I'm assuming the OP's uncle was requesting a place highly regarded by locals and people in-the-know, as opposed to having swanky and hip atmopshere.... am I wrong?

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          you're right on about a place regarded by locals. can deli and hip and swanky even go in the same sentence? :)
          i thought that rosen's deli was pretty good.

        2. I know..this trendy thing makes no sense. So maybe Rosen's Deli will be 1 option, and as for another, we definitely wouldnt want a chain like Ruth's Chris (I personally think their buttered-fried steak is abhorrent anyway). We'd want something a little nicer (but not majorly expensive).

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            Barney Greengrass might work...decidedly not trendy though

          2. If by "trendy" you mean "looking and serving authentic" or sufficiently retro, try Artie's on the upper West Side. But the whole idea of a "trendy deli" is a contradiction in terms. Deli is a pleasant trip backwards.

            1. The Carnegie deli is well for its humongous tasty sandwiches and lack of ambiance. It is now somewhat of a tourist haven (with tourist style prices) but it is probably the trendy place you are looking for. Also, years ago there was the Stage Deli. I dont know if its still there but possibly that could be good.

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                Yes, the Stage Deli is still there. In my view, the food is worse than at Carnegie, which is mediocre at best. As IslayMan says, for the quintessential NYC deli experience, no place beats Katz's, where it's all about the pastrami.

              2. Trendy Jewish Deli = oxymoron!

                If you mean good food and the classic NYC experience then go to Katz'.

                1. Mendy's for deli, 61 E 34th St. They also have a take out spot in the Grand Central Terminal dining area.

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                    Yes, I think Mendy's is the place you're looking for. The best is obviously Katz's, but Mendy's is a little more upscale. Plus, it was mentioned in Seinfeld!

                  2. Don't worry about trendy or near the Hilton. Just take him to Katz's on Houston St. No other deli can hold a candle to their pastrami.