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Apr 16, 2007 10:51 AM

Marietta, GA. Help, Need Caterer or Restaurant that Delivers for Funeral

A friend's mother just passed away and I'd like to send some food to the house. Can anyone recommend a good caterer or restaurant in the area. I can certainly Google for options, but I thought I'd try my ol' Hound buddies first for quality recommendations.


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  1. Call Williamson Brother's BBQ. You can order a full dinner for 6.

    1. I am sure Happy Herman's would send out to Marietta. on Cheshire Bridge.

      1. I was in a pinch so did a quick review of Marietta posts and ended up calling Aldo's in Sandy Springs. They were very nice to deal with and delivered a tray of lasagna with salad and bread to my friend's family last night. I hope it was good. Though I guess it's more about the thought than the quality.