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Apr 16, 2007 10:05 AM

Fine Cheese "Bar"

Does anyone know of a fine cheese bar or restaurant in the Los Angeles or Orange County area? I am looking for a place that serves a variety of fine cheese & wine and also has a nice atmosphere...any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure if they finally got their liquor license, but I've stopped by Cube on La Brea twice. They have a great selection of cheese and the staff was very friendly and nice in explaining the differences as she served them. Corkage was $0 then, unless they've gotten their license and now serve wine. You may want to call and check with them before heading over.

    Cube at Divine Pasta
    615 N La Brea Ave (Cross Street: Melrose Avenue)
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 939-1148

    Some other places that I've had great cheeses, but not in the style of a cheese "bar" are:
    Melisse in Santa Monica
    Upstairs 2 (above The Wine House in West LA

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        Cube is great for this... HOWEVER, last time I was there it was BYOB... not that it's a bad thing... but a warning. :)


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          I love Cube too!

          I've also had good cheese experiences at AOC and Ford's Filling Station.

    1. My favorite wine and cheese bar not named AOC is Red White + Bluezz in Pasadena.

      1. After going to a tasting event there, I absolutely adore the Artisan Cheese Gallery @ Studio City. The owner has a passion for cheeses (particularly seasonal, rare and, as the name suggests, artisanal cheeses) and it shows!

        However, they only do wine & cheese tastings as special events -- though I'm fairly sure you can BYOB and they can help you pair something up.

        I also do like Red, White + Bluezz -- but their emphasis is definitely more with the wine than the cheese.


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          They have no problem if you bring your own wine..I chose to bring my own glasses too so they wouldn't be accused, by the booze police, that they sold me booze without a liquor liscense.
          The ARTISIAN CHEESE GALLERY is on Ventura, just east of Laurel, on the north side of the street, directly across from Dupars...I LOVE them!!!

        2. AOC is the best call for an overall cheese/wine experience, but BLD also has a decent selection of cheese and wine. (Their atmostphere is not my favorite, but they do have epoisses.) Although Lou has a more limited menu cheese and wine-wise, what they do have is great and it's fun (I get a bit claustrophobic after a while, but no one else I know has this issue there).

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            Agreed. AOC has the best overall cheese/wine experience. The selections of wines by the glass are fantastic and there are usually wine flight options as well. Really a fine cheese lover experience to sit at the cheese bar, which is a special request, and watch all the perfect cheese and charchuterie go out. BLD has a nice selection as well but it is loud in there! Don't personally love CUBE. Food was really mediocre which sort of ruined the cheese for me.

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              BLD is great for cheese...and don't forget about the meaty bits!!! Such a great selection. Not only do they have great wines, they have cocktails that are wonderful. Sit at the bar and you'll get to watch them slicing up your meaty/cheesy's good time!

            2. Inn of the seventh ray in Topanga has a new chef and sommier, F'n unbelievalbe! They had a goat gouda with rosemary that was awesome. When paired with a late harvest zin, it'll bring tears to your eyes! And the Cage Aged Marisa, and the 3X cream goat cheese!!!