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Apr 16, 2007 09:10 AM

Ingredient challenge!

I need inspiration in putting supper together, please. Your suggestions will be appreciated (and fun!). I have the following ingredients:

1 lb. fresh ground pork
chicken stock, homemade (5 cups)
red wine (1 bottle minus 1 glass!)
1/2 leek, garlic
fresh parsley
dried cranberries
nuts (walnuts,almonds,pine nuts)
canned tomatoes
canned beans (black, navy, chickpeas)
and the usual eggs, milk, flour, spices and condiments (+ Asian condiments)

Also, if you have any dessert ideas with my current abundance of :
oranges, pears (& some green apples) or any other weekday dessert ideas too....

THANK YOU! Obviously, not all the ingredients need be used & I'm not against a veggie meal (I do have fresh firm tofu as well)

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  1. Some sort of ragu type dish? Cook the pork and veggies, maybe add some flour to thicken, then some wine and stock, and some beans and some tomatoes and serve with pasta?

    If you were really ambitious, you could make Asian dumplings with fresh dough. If you can dig up some rice, you can do a stir fry.

    For dessert - a crumble with the fruit and dried cranberries with nuts/butter/flour on top.
    OR a shortcake/sweet biscuit with the buttermilk, flour, eggs on top of sauteed pears?

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    1. re: laurendlewis

      Thanks! Re dumplings, no, I'm not so ambitious, esp. on weeknights. I can definitely make rice, and make a stir-fry (add the pork right into the pan & fry up in this case, do you think?)
      The crumble sounds nice - hadn't thought of adding the dried cranberries there, that'd be good!
      oh, & pears cooked in wine with spices maybe..?

    2. I'd do some pork meatballs. Maybe include some chopped parsley and almonds or pinenuts, one of the eggs to bind them, and whatever spice sounds good. Make a sauce with the canned tomatoes serve over rice, and you have an easy dinner.

      1. If you have any miso around, you could make Mabo Dofu-- ground pork and tofu in a spicy miso sauce over rice. I'm sure that someone has a good recipe handy.

        1. Pork meatloaf with carmelized pears.

          1. It's nasty weather here (flooded NYC metro area), so I'd make pasta e fagioli (or pasta e ceci). With bread and salad, and a pear Dutch baby for dessert (using the buttermilk).

            Or Cuban black beans, served with sautéed veggies and topped with a fried/poached egg. Either rice or tortillas as your carb.

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            1. re: piccola

              piccola, what's your pasta e fagioli recipe, please? Love it but never made it. Pear Dutch baby also sounds good...intriguing. (&weather's not nice here either).
              Last week I made a chicken chili & corn tortillas, served it one time with a fried egg, interesting!