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Apr 16, 2007 09:01 AM

Best Pho in DC? (not NoVA)

I love my NoVA pho places (Pho 75, Saigon Citi in Alexandria, Pho Vietflare)....BUT, I'm meeting some friends in the District and they want Pho...where's the best place to go for Pho in the District? Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Just so you have something, Nam Viet in Cleve. Park.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      I like Nam Viet a lot. I've tried the 2 Vietnamese places in Georgetown as well but Nam Viet is the best out of the 3.

    2. Another option is this Vietnamese place right under Burma and next to Chinatown Express in Chinatown. Full disclosure, I have not eaten here yet though. Has anyone else tried this place yet?

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      1. re: botnot

        I saw lots of folks ordering pho. I myself got banh mi, which, although it took a while to get, was well worth $2.25.

      2. I'm certainly no expert on Pho (only had it 3 times) but today I tried the place Pho Sai Gon on H Street. It's next to the place under Burma (first restaurant to the right of the Gallery Place parking deck), which I can't speak to since I haven't been to that one yet. Today I got the pho with shrimp for just over $7 including tax. I found it quite tasty, and added a bit of both the chili sauce and hoisin sauce. I would go back, but would also try the place under Burma. I saw several people eating other (non-soup) noodle bowls and Vietmanmese sandwiches. The all seemed to enjoy their meals.

        1. What's worse? Mediocre pho, or switching dinner plans?

          I'm just not convinced that anything in DC can create the same fierce loyalty that people have to Pho Hoa, Pho 75, etc.

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          1. re: Culocho

            You're right. Making Pho takes patience, not MSG and high prices. The Pho shops near 7 corners/crossroads aka Eden Center and down route 50 are the best I've had. They use real Pho noodles with real mint and veges and rarely msg.

            And if you take short cuts, burn your eyes out with nerve numbing salt, or go to some shop in DC that can't afford to stay open much less serve a 7 dollar bowl of Pho, then what you get is sewage in a spoon. It's worth the 2 bucks to scoot your butt out of Chi Guevara lala land.

            1. re: Thoreau

              Word. You ain't getting good pho in DC as far as I can tell. Hie thee to NoVa.

            2. re: Culocho

              Well I do think Nam Viet does a very good pho - but it's hard to order that there with the rest of the menu (and other soups) being so good.

              As for Pho 75 - I have a hard time believing they don't do quick fixes when busy and the original batches of broth are running low.

              However, in general I agree that if you're going for bad pho just to have pho it's best to switch plans and get something else. And I don't know of much worthy pho in DC proper outside of Nam Viet (though I haven't gone looking since I live in pho rich Nova).