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Apr 16, 2007 08:54 AM

Hottest new restaurant

I want to take my wife out for a nice dinner but I feel like I've been to most of the best restaurants in LA. What has opened in the last year that also as great food? It can be in LA, Santa Monica, Pasadena or the San Fernando Valley.

I appreciate everyones help.

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  1. Hatfield's - reviewed copiously on this site. SO and I went on Saturday for the first time and really enjoyed the experience!

    1. Which places have you been to lately that you loved?

      We like the (some what) recently opened Celadon on 3rd St. just west of Fairfax for Asian fusion food. Have you been to the very newish Penthouse restaurant at the top of the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica? It has gotten some good reviews here. How about Ketchup in WeHo by the "Dolce Group"? and then finally check out the review and photos by rameniac on Gonpachi on La Cienega in Beverly Hills

      1. Abode opens on Wed - getting great buzz. I've seen the menu, it's going to be fantastic (chef studied with Alice Waters)
        Behind Tengu.

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        1. re: yogachik

          The new Tengu in SM or the old Tengu in Westwood?

          1. re: tony michaels

            Tengu in Santa Monica.
            Opening day is today, in theory, even though tastings have been going on.

        2. Mozza, but you may struggle to get a reservation on anything less than a month's advance notice.

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          1. re: Jwsel

            Thanks I just made a reservation at Abode, I will let everyone know how it is after I go.

            1. re: goldbergd

              Please do, I will like to hear about it.
              Have a good time!

          2. We checked out All' Angelo this past weekend and it was fantastic! I love Mozza also.