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Apr 16, 2007 08:40 AM

Detroit's Greektown-any suggestions?

I will be in Greektown for a wedding in June and would love any suggestions for places to go for lunch on a Saturday. Or even outside Greektown, if there are any must-go-to places nearby. Thanks!!

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  1. Oh my, Yes! I prefer the ambiance of Uptown Parthenon (connected to the Casino) but to me Cyprus tastes just as good. The Arnaki Pilafi is a must order (the lamb meat is stewed in a tomato sauce that falls RIGHT off the bone and is served with rice pilaf). The greek salad is the best. The saganaki or Opa is unreal. Also, step across the street to Astoria Pastry Shop for dessert. I recommend the tiramisu or the white chocolate strawberry torte (preferrably the latter). Avoid the creme brulee though. Please post your thoughts afterwards! You are truly in for a treat!!

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      I'd second the Astoria Pastry Shop idea. Also, Mosaic is a more upscale place in Greektown that has been getting some raves on this board--looking forward to trying it out. They are open for lunch. Menu at

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        Astoria is the BEST bakery! They have huge display cases with many pastries...defenitely a place when I've had a Homer Simpson moment or two

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          Thank you all!! Gotta love Chowhound.
          I'll definitely let you know where we end up going.

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          I like New Hellas.

          I love their Skordalia. The garlic sauce/paste is good on bread, or the beets.

          As for 'Opa' or saganaki, I like them to flame it in the kitchen, and serve it with 4 or 5 lemon slices. The lemon juice really brings out the flavor. A waiter clued me in to this, and I've never ordered it differently.

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            New Hellas was always my favorite too.

            1. re: Chris Weber

              I agree. I don't understand why Parthenon is more popular. New Hellas is great. Okay, I don't care for the plastic beer mugs, but the food beats Parthenon's out the door!

              I also enjoy their green beans in tomato sauce.

          2. re: FOTOgrlNic

            My bad!! It's Pegasus not Uptown Parthenon!! Don't know what I was thinking!!!

          3. Well, apparently between our wedding and reception our friends had a fine time at the Old Shilleleigh (sp?). No food, though, which worked to their (and our) disadvantage at the actual reception although there was alleged table dancing. I do like Pegasus and the New Parthenon. Fishbone's used to be great but now is pretty much over.