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Apr 16, 2007 08:35 AM

Autentica in S. Hadley--Rockin!

Went there this weekend. Had an app of guac & chips, that was a bit bland but at least fresh, & the salsas were excellent. Then New Mexican style enchiladas were fantastic and well-spiced; not the usual dull, gringo-fied Hampshire County fare. The taco, while reflecting more of its N. American roots than Mexican, perhaps, was also very tasty. Great flan & the mango bev was good once some lime was squeezed in to cut the sweetness. The owner was very warm, & the atmosphere humble but comfortable.
Finally, someone whose not afraid to keep it real!

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  1. So glad that another hound finally made it there!

    As I mentioned when I posted a few months back, I'm pretty sure it's the only New Mexican restaurant in all of New England. They make a really valiant effort to live up to their name; Hector, the owner, personally imports all his red and green chiles from Hatch, N.M., the chile Mecca of the known universe.

    I found all their breakfast-style fare to be particularly good (huevos rancheros, and especially the papas fritas). I just wish their flour tortillas weren't so mediocre.

    While nobody from New Mexico is going to be making a pilgrimage to South Hadley for the chow, I feel like this place definitely deserves to be on Chowhounds' radar screens as a very good, unique eatery for the region.

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    1. re: finlero

      Finlero, thanks for the tip. I am now wearing my UNM t-shirt. Will be taking our youngest to Northampton to attend college at the end of the month and since we eat New Mexican 60% of the time, I want him to know where Authentica is in case he gets homesick. Will let you know what we think. I just wish they had soppapillas and pozele.

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        You're welcome! My fingers are crossed that it tides him over...

    2. I personally found Autentica to be rather bland. Regardless of where the chili is imported from, it isn't put to good use there. For Southwest/Cali-style Mexican, I'd hit up Mi Tierra in Hadley.

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      1. re: famedalupo

        Funny--I found Mi Tierra to be average, & pretty bland as well the numerous times I've been there. Part of the problem is that they are from El Salvador but bill the restaurant as Mexican, despite the fact the the preparation is much more congruent w/Salvadoranian food, particularly in terms of spicing. I still can't find any real Mexican food in the Valley.

        1. re: homesick for food

          No way! A Salvadoran place? Do they have pupusa's? I LOVE Salvadoran food. Is this S. Hadley, MA?

          1. re: homesick for food

            It's hard to find 'real' Mexican food anywhere outside Mexico, but that said, I think Mi Tierra is as close as you'll get around the 5 college area. My enthusiasm for the place is entirely based on the poor alternatives.

        2. Definitely on my list to try, thanks!