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Apr 16, 2007 08:26 AM

Cloudberry products in New York City

Hello, I'm wondering where to get any products made with cloudberry, like jam or "Lakka" liqueur from Finland, in New York City. Any ideas please? Thanks!

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  1. Try Ikea. They have it in their food shops and you can buy online.

    1. Ditto for Ikea. Have you tried mail order? If you find a source for lakka, please let me know. How about pirrakas?

      1. You can get cloudberry products at Nordic Delicacies, 6909 3rd Avenue just beyond Bay Ridge Avenue in Brooklyn.

        According to the maker, Lakka is not imported into the United States, but there are sources in Canada.

        1. I recently bought frozen cloudberries and cloudberry as well as lingonberry preserves at the deli section in IKEA in NJ.

          1. In midtown, you can also find cloudberry preserves at Fika Espresso Bar: