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Apr 16, 2007 08:23 AM

Restaurants/Bars in Lakeview Area


I am in search of some great restaurants and bars in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area. I've got a diverse taste palate and will eat just about anything. I must say that I prefer smaller places over chains. For instance, I was in town last weekend and went to La Creperie which I thought was wonderful.

Please let me know some of your favorite restaurants and bars in the area. My husband and I are moving around the Burling, south of Diversy.

I should also let you know that I am moving from New York City and am worried that I am going to miss the food tremedously. :(


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  1. Scout -

    If you stay confined to your neighborhood, yes, you probably will miss the food tremendously. I just moved to that neighborhood and I am missing Wicker Park food. I'm interested in the responses here. It just seems to me that every restaurant that opens in Lakeview (perhaps with the exception of X/O that is closing soon) is not very good. HB used to get a lot of buzz but I found their food to be attrocious.

    I'll tell you on Diversey and Lincoln is a place called Maza that has very good Lebonese fare. The owner is very kind too. He pushes the Lebonese wine which I find not so great though.

    1. Lakeview and Lincoln Park have some good places, but I agree with NDJ - you really shouldn't confine yourself to your specific neighborhood. One of the advantages of Lincoln Park, where you will be living, is not just its own restaurants, but the fact that it's so centrally located, within a few miles of neighborhoods with so VERY many restaurants, including all of downtown, River North/Streeterville, Old Town, Bucktown/Wicker Park, Lakeview, Lincoln Square, and Andersonville. Having spent a lot of time in New York City, there is literally *nothing* I miss in the way of food in Chicago. But I'm willing to hop a bus or a cab or get in the car to go to places that are not in my immediate neighborhood.

      To answer your question, though, about restaurants I like in Lincoln Park and Lakeview:

      Alinea - (considered by many to be the finest restaurant in the country)
      Charlie Trotters - (also similarly considered)
      Ambria - (closing in June)
      North Pond -
      Sweets and Savories -
      Jack's on Halsted -
      Erwin -
      X/O - (it's closing???)
      Mon Ami Gabi -
      Orange (for breakfast/brunch) - no website AFAIK
      Wishbone (for breakfast/brunch) -

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        Nearly across street from La Creperie and north a block is El Nuevo Mexicano, just a great Mexican place... (whatever you do avoid Ceasars with their garish margaritas and mediocre food)...

        Maza as recommended is great... also good for garden-variety middle-eastern is Cousins on Broadway just north of diversey.

        Hema's Kitchen is pretty fair Indian food on Clark just north of Fullerton.

        For great Italian... Ricardo Trattoria on Clark S. of Webster. Also good are Sapori Trattoria on Halsted s. of Diversey and for an inexpensive italian byob try basil leaf on Clark N. of Fullerton.

        Intelligentisia on Broadway couple blocks s. of Belmont is a world-class coffee shop...

        Erwin on Halsted S. of Wellington is excellent haute seasonal american.

        Best pizza in the area, IMO is pizza capri on Belmont at Sheffield... they also have about the best calamari I've found in Chicago, and other generic italian dishes.

        Sheffields is probably the best high-end micro-brew bar in Lincoln Park/Lakeview.

        Andalous is great Moroccan food on Clark n. of Belmont.

        Best Thai food is a short el-train ride away either brown line to western for Spoon Thai or red line to sheridan for TAC QUick or to Argyle for Thai Avenue and alot of vietnamese options.

        That's a good list of places close to La Creperie to get started with. Enjoy.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          I definitely agree that you should get out to other neighborhoods. The good resturants in Chicago are not in one place, but spread all over the city.

          That said, I don't get up to that part of Burling too often, but here are some ideas that spring to mind that are within a walk of Burling South of Diversy.

          Northpond listed above is quite good. Its in Lincoln Park and a not too far walk from Buirling.

          Clark Street has a fun shopping area with a grocery store (that I havew never been too...) and some fun bars just north of Fullerton. One place I have been to at Clark anad Fullerton is Emilio's Tapas - some of the better Spanish Tapas in town.

          Merlo Ristorante is very good, if in my mind somewhat overpriced Italian food (in case you get homesick for Manhattan) on Lincoln south of Lill.

          For cheap eats, South of you on Hal;sted to the corner of Halsted and Webster is the Athenian Room which has good Greek Food and burgers. Across Hasted to the West on Webster is Toast which always has insane lines for Weekend Brunch, so I figure it must be good, although I've never been there.

          As you continue down Halsted, you get into a gradually more upscale neighborhood. In fact, Burling south of Armitage has recently become one of the most expensive blocks in town with ENORMOUS house. Down in that area you will find Cafe Bernard (french bistro), Cafe Babareeba (more Spanish Tapas), and of course Charlie Trotters for the big spenders.

          You can also trek north to Belmont for a lot of great bars and crazy shopping, although I'm not really familar with the restaurant scene up there.

          Good luck.