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Apr 16, 2007 08:05 AM

Need Help - Meeting Friend in for Coffe in East 40's

I'm an Oakland Chowhounder and am supposed to come up with a lunch/coffee-type place to meet a friend today at around 1:30 or 2. Nothing fancy and we don't want lots of food. I can think of several spots in other locations, but am coming up blank here.

Time is of the the essence.....or we'll be forced to go to Starbucks! Aieeeeee!

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  1. How about the food court on the lower level of Grand Central Station? Great people watching, great arm chairs and decent selection of food.

    1. There's an Italian cafe across from bryant park on 5th between 40th and 41st, and there's always witchcraft on 46th between 5th and madison, good coffee and usually pretty quiet.

      1. Check out Dishes...they have AWESOME stuff that will suit any taste! 45th between 5th and Madison.

        1. There is an Au Bon Pan on 40th & 3rd. Soup, sandwiches and coffee - all good

          1. Try Macciato Espresso Bar, on 44th between Lexington and 3rd Aves. Great made-to-order coffee, sadwiches and salads. Seating is tight, but you can always get it to go and sit down in Grand Central Station.


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              I would have seconded Macchiato had I been paying enough attention to see this yesterday. Great coffee and friendly and helpful staff.