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Apr 16, 2007 08:03 AM

has anyone seen weeping willow salad?

Had this in China...Soooo good. Has anyone seen the leaves/buds in Asian Markets in the NYC area?

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  1. I have heard some native Chinese from Zhegnzhou, Henan (now in Flushing) talk about the young weeping willow buds and leaves for eating. Very seasonal. It wouldn't surprise me if we find it in Flushing's Chinese markets soon...if not this year, maybe next.. After all, they didn't have the fresh Chinese Jujube for the longest time, and then, suddenly they are appearing. (These are also something the Province of Henan is famous for)

    In the spring of 2005 I was in Zhengzhou and was lucky to have tried some of their seasonal vegetables. One is called Bai2 Hua1 (just white flower) which is the flower buds, another is called Yin2 Tiao2 (Silver sticks) which is actually white/translucent tubular part of a plant, and the other I didn't quite catch the name of , but is also tender buds and dark dark green leaves, something I imagine is rich in iron, and..well, I can just see Popeye downing it and then flexing his muscles.

    Here's a picture one of us took of these three dishes. Maybe you also have tasted them? Maybe the last one (dark green) IS the willow leaves and buds?

    and here's another one of different dishes:

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      Wow. Those dishes look really good. The smoked rabbit especially.

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        Great photo's, HLing. Thank you, I just decided to go to Spicy Tasty on Sunday. It will be our first time there. Any recs on what to order?

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          Chefstu, I hope you enjoy your meal at Spicy & Tasty. I haven't been in a while though I trust the hounds would have issued downhill warnings if the restaurant was not maintaining its standards. I have a link to an old post from 2003. I think I would still order those dishes if I got a chance to go today.

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            If you want to be a little more adventurous, might I suggest Little Pepper, just around the corner from Spicy and Tasty. While both places are excellent, my meal at Little Pepper certainly tasted and felt much more authentic.