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Apr 16, 2007 08:02 AM

Which are the best stores in Flushing?

Which grocery stores have the best selection?

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  1. I'm a stickler for bright & clean grocers and supermarkets (even at the expense of losing a few cents) so when in Flushing I favor HK Supermarket on Main St by 37th St for chinese goods and H-Mart on Northern and 155th(?) across from the IHOP for Korean goods. Both are well stocked and have high turnover.

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    1. re: moymoy

      for cleanliness and overall asian purchases, i also like han ah reum on northern in that shopping mall. i also like the han ah reum on union street. both are very good.

      but for super cheap vegetables with super turnover, i go to gold city on kissena blvd next to east manor. that parking lot is god awful and i usually park on the street and walk over. but, the veggies are amazingly cheap and fresh!

      1. re: Linda

        I agree, Gold City has very good veggies but the mayhem in that parking lot and the surrounding streets gives me too much stress. I like to buy my veggies from this place on Main St, I never bothered to look up at the storename, it has a fruit stand outside and is a couple of stores down from the KFC. It's very crowded but the veggies and fish have never dissappointed me.