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Apr 16, 2007 07:53 AM

Lunch around McPherson Square/White House?

Just started a job down here and I'm looking for lunch places. Around $10 or less. Eaten way too much Potbelly's- suggestions? Maybe a few ethnic places that people can recommend? I know the food court a few blocks away that has Naan & Beyond, Moe's and 5 Guys- anything else?

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    1. Have you tried the Post Pub?

      The food is basic but servicable. The place is somewhat of an institution.

      1. I think there is a new Teaism close by.

        1. I believe I saw another outpost of Ollie's Trolley on L St, near 15th, is this true? Has anybody had their Ollieburger to see if it's the real thing?

          1. Loeb's Restaurant

            832 15th St Nw (The corner of 15th and I st.)

            Great NY style deli. Try a Walter's Favorite, or a Wall Street.

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              Thanks for the places. Keep them coming :) . Got a "philly cheesesteak" from Breadline today. Not at all philly-style, but pretty good. Lots of things on their menu looks great, looking forward to going back. Also, I was told to go to the Burrito Cart Guy, but then I found out there's 2 of them. Anyone know which one is worth it?

              1. re: dwbengals

                Not sure where the "2nd" one is, I always head to the Burrito Cart at 15th and K. High Noon (on K btwn 14 and Vermont) is also in that area, as is a favorite thai place of mine, Bangkok1 (also on K btwn 14th and Vermont, but the other side of the street). If you don't mind a small place, Casa Blanca serves up a number of Peruvian dishes that are pretty tasty. They are on Vermont. If you are in need of grease or fried food, the apps at Stan's are huge and are guaranteed to clog your arteries in no time flat. Stan's is on the corner of Vermont and L - about 2 blocks from McPh. Metro.

                1. re: jawk1202

                  The other burrito cart is at 17th and K, just down from the Farragut North Metro station exit, directly on the square. One of my former coworkers would eat from his cart 3 times a week when she was pregnant. Either one of them is good. I liked Park Place on the corner of Connecticut and I, but more for breakfast and French fries. Also, there's another food court on I and 18th Streets. It's underground near the Farragut West Metro. They have an Au Bon Pain (I know there is one closer to you) and a Cuban place that I used to frequent.

              2. re: jamall

                OK, not even close to great if you've had the real deal in New York. An ok deli, but a very very poor immitation of a NY deli.

                1. re: jamall

                  Ugh. Loeb's had the worst excuse for chicken matzo ball soup I have ever had. I think I bit into a piece of concrete or something when I was sampling their version. The broth was just awful, worse than industrial instant chicken flavored granules.

                  I like the salads at High Noon, and the all the food at Juice Joint on Vermont is healthy and tasty... The selection at Sizzling Express isn't bad. I like their smoked turkey collard greens. And the soups at Au Bon Pain are varied and sometimes are terrific. Ollie's french fries are laced with narcotics because they are soooooo delicious and addictive...

                  1. re: anhdeluxe

                    High Noon and Au Bon Pain are pretty safe bets. I've liked both.