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Apr 16, 2007 07:25 AM

Best carrot cake in Bklyn?

It's my fiancee's bday and I am in search of a rich carrot cake. The kind with lots of raisins, carrots, etc -- not the bland ones I've had so many times. I'd prefer to get one in northern to mid Brooklyn, i.e., no further south than Park Slope. Any good recs? Two Little Red Hens?

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  1. i'm a big fan of Two Little Red Hens. i think their carrot cake is really good. and last summer, when I ordered a large (chocolate) birthday cake from them, they went all out to decorate it -- for the same $ they charge for the regular flowers, they created a theater-themed scene that looked great. cake tasted awesome & people at the bakery were very nice to work with. one small point -- i think they (like most bakeries) over-estimate how much cake you need. everyone had cake at the party and we still had about 1/2 V. big cake leftover.

    1. Cake Man Raven in Ft. Greene does a good one, too.