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Apr 16, 2007 06:38 AM

Terroni on Yonge

We had a dissapointing experience at Terroni's yesterday evening. Service was TERRIBLE. One of us had 2 appetizers instead of an app + main. The 2nd appetizer came when everybody had long-finished their meals. We thought they had forgotten as we were ready to leave and suddenly it appeared on the table. Regarding the food, the salads were very good. The 2 pizzas ordered were not very good. Trying to hack through the crust to slice them, the cheese slid right off. We didn't like the large pools of olive oil on top. And what's with the "no slicing the pizza for you" rule? There seemed to be a combination on their part of trying to turn the tables over quickly, while at the same time not getting the food to the patrons already there. Perhaps Queen Street is better.

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  1. I always have terrible service at Terroni- well, maybe not terrible, but it is dodgy at best.

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    1. re: nummanumma

      the queen street location is a much better experience overall; i may be biased but my one and only experience at the yonge street location left me feeling like i'm in one of those corporate chains - the food seemed more il fornello than terroni, service was pleasant but lacked the casual but efficient organization of the queen street, and i wasn't fond of the clentele (a table next to us sent stuff back because it wasn't what they expected).

      i've only had good experiences on queen, and i eat there (or just a have a glass of wine at the bar) often. yes, the food may take long to arrive, but the place is insanely busy. i think most people who go there tend to linger, and that's part of the appeal of the place. the food is very tasty, especially the pastas (gnocchi is a standout). i have noticed that the crust has gotten a bit too crusty to my liking, but the pizzas overall are tasty.

      and true, they don't slice the pizzas, and they don't make substitutions. since we get knives and forks, i'm not sure what the problem is. many italian restaurants with individual pizzas on the menu don't slice them.

      1. re: Kasia

        I forgot to mention the polenta - SOOO oily.

        The problem with not having the pizza cut? It was really hard to cut through the crust and the cheese slid right off. With 2 kids at the table, a lot of time was spent cutting. We actually asked if they could cut it for the kids, and they quickly reply NO.

        1. re: garlicscapes

          Mental note, never buy polenta from a restaurant named terroni lol.

    2. Ate at their Queen Street location last Saturday. Though its a busy weekend evening, service was very good and attentive. As fot the food, we had a pizza, a pasta dish and couple of their fish special of the day ( Grilled wild Scottish cod ). All were excellent. However, what really stood out was one of their dessert, a molten lava chocolate cake. I know, almost every one is making one of this these days, but this Terroni version was really outstanding! Dark, ultra smooth, very chocolatry and not too sweet.
      All in all, an enjoyable dining experience.

      1. Having eaten there on average at least twice a month at a Terroni for the last few years, I can definitely echo your views: the service at this Terroni (as well as the one on Victoria St.) is really hit and miss. Sometimes you get bread when you're looking over the menu, sometimes you don't, sometimes you ask for bread and still don't get it, sometimes you get olive oil with the bread, sometimes you get olive oil AND vinegar, sometimes you get fresh cutlery between courses, sometimes they ask you to keep the get the picture. I'm prepared to overlook the inconsistencies though as my love of the food outweighs the service.

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        1. re: CChan126

          I experienced some bad service at the Victoria Street restaurant last year to the point where I won't even return to that location.

          1. re: BK67

            I agree that the service at the Victoria street location is generally awful. Aside from the really pleasant bus boy/runner (don't think he's a waiter), the wait staff have some serious attitude problems. The food is just ok with the exception of the tiramisu and lava chocolate cake, which are both fanatastic.

            1. re: buttertartz

              we have consistently good service at Terroni on Victoria.

              we're somewhat regular there so the runner guys is great to us, but all the server girls, while uber-efficient, are also perfectly fine and friendly (though to a one, frighteningly thin). i like that they don't try to be your best friend, they get it done, check in after serving the food and leave you to your conversation.

        2. Next time try the restaurant across the street (Carpaccio? I think?) ... its way better!

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          1. re: 5andman

            Terroni is what it is. Nothing special or exciting on any level. When you need to eat, go in, pray that things go half ok, and get out!

            1. re: 5andman

              Yes I agree! The place across the street is called Capocaccia after the famous bar in Florence near the Ponte Vecchio. The menu and prices are similar to Terroni (pizza, pasta, salads) but much better and the staff is friendly and couteous. I like Terroni but think it is ok and way overrated and there are many other better places to eat wood oven baked pizza in the city.

              1. re: Romana

                I agree that Capocaccia is better than the Yonge/Balmoral Terroni. Even their exhaust smells good. But I have run into serious attitude issues there from both management and servers.

            2. the victoria st. location is not good at all. queen st. location much better!