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What type of sauce for mushroom and asparagus ravioli?

So, in an attempt to make weeknight dinners a little simpler I bought some premade (refrigerated) mushroom and asparagus ravioli. I was looking for suggestions for what type of sauce (homemade or store-bought) would go well with this (preferably nothing TOO heavy). Also, any side/salad suggestions I'll take as well-- I'm looking to do as little thinking as possible tonight! Thanks :)

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  1. Maybe a light pinky vodka sauce would work.

    1. honestly, just melt some butter and add a little sage and sea salt to it. I love a sage butter sauce on my non-cheese ravioli, and I top them when amaretti cookies or hazelnuts to some crunch/flavor contrast.

      it's so easy, and it's very good.

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        I agree - brown butter and sage - my favorite with mushroom ravioli - don't see why it wouldn't be tasty with asparagus as well, though it's not a pairing that comes immediately to mind. Brown butter and rosemary is also tasty.

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          i'm not overly keen on sage with asparagus. maybe a little thyme, but i really like my asparagus straight up.

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          Jeserf, my wife would agree and it is also good simply without the crunchy cookie addition. And it is simple to do your self and you can take all the credit with no commercial product to buy.

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            I do it with pumpkin ravioli. It's super good - the cookies are a fantastic edition!

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            Second the brown butter and sage. A little parmagiano reggiano or grana padana on service.

          3. that sounds incredible.. who makes it?

            1. Lemon white wine sauce, perhaps with just a touch of cream. The lemon will really bring out the asparagus. Add a bit of thyme as well and you're good to go.

              1. agree with the simple butter rec-- with some salt, a little goes a long way, it doesn't have to be *too* unhealthy. Some gorgonzola, either crumbled on, or else melted into a bit of milk/cream to make a sauce could be nice, too.

                1. i'd gently heat some olive oil and put the zest of a lemon in there. take it off the heat add the juice from the lemon, maybe a few red chili flakes. top with toasted pine nuts and grated parm. i'd probably add some frozen peas too. i like the asparagus pea combo.

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                    Actually, that sounds very excellent, too.
                    I might skip the peas, but that flavor ravioli with some oil, lemon juice,zest, a few chili flakes, and pine nuts sound really good. Gotta top it with shaves of parm.

                    mmm good idea, hotoynoodle!

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                      Some fava beans might be gilding the lily - but tasty.

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                      I agree that lemon will be the key ingredient.

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                        Yep, first thing I thought of, too. Personally, I'd skip the pine nuts and peas, but that's because of my tastes. The oil or some butter with lemon would be perfect.

                    3. Grate up some Parm-Reg, add lemon or lime juice, stir--the cheese dissolves and a great sauce results. Try making just a bit to see if you like it!

                      1. Walnut pesto. Or a runnier black olive tapenade.

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                          Exactly what I was gonna suggest... walnut pesto, with some carmelized onions and parsley to garnish.

                        2. The final result is a collaboration of a few... I think I'm going to try some lemon, butter and/or olive oil, parmagiano cheese, and some white pepper. Thanks for all the great suggestions!