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Apr 16, 2007 06:25 AM

Oriental Pastry Shop?

I was reading an old thread on Chowhound, and came across mention of this place. It got rave reviews, and I wonder if it still exists? It was across the street from Sahadi's, at 170 Atlantic Avenue. I did a search on, and found nothing, so I'm thinking the store may no longer exist.
Does any one know if it is still there?

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  1. It's still there, although I don't know the name of it.

    1. Its called Oriental Pastry and Grocery and as bklyngrl said, it is still there.

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      1. re: jdf

        it's still there and still great!

      2. Definitely there, and great. They are super friendly and it is not uncommon to be offered a cup of tea or a sample of the delicious honeycake. Please shop there!

        1. Thank you all for the quick responses, and the GOOD news about this place. I will DEFINITELY make a stop there, since people are still so positive about it. Anything in particular I should get?

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          1. re: bxgirl

            get the cashew baclava. seriously.

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              I like most of their prepared foods: stuffed grape leaves in tomatoe/garlic sauce, baba ganoush, spinach pies, the pastries and cookies. It's a fantastic place.

            2. The pastry is very iffy. Sometimes, on a busy weekend it is very fresh and good. Other times it has been so stale and soggy it was inedible.

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              1. re: Fleur

                During the Atlantic Antic they set up a wonderful shoarma table in front of their shop.
                It's a shame they can't do it more often.

                1. re: Fleur

                  Agreed. I re-tried their honey cake last night after not having it for awhile. The first time I had it there it was very fresh. The past 2 times, not so much. Plus, it's $8.95 a pound, so 2 very small pieces came to almost $3. What am I missing about this place that really stands out or should I just keep shopping at Sahadi's for prepared foods and Damascus for pastries?

                  1. re: jdf

                    Oriental Pastries and Damascus Bakery are very iffy. The quality depends on the freshness and the weather.

                    If you get them on a good day, Oriental is excellent, Damascus, less so.

                    On a muggy day when they are not just bakes, they are mushy, soggy, and pretty awful.

                    1. re: Fleur

                      Really? I've always been pretty pleased with Damascus. Is there anywhere else in the neighborhood that you would suggest?

                        1. re: Fleur

                          I shop at Damascus virtually every weekend and I've found them to be very consistent in quality, so not sure what you mean Fleur.

                          I typically buy pistachio baklava, bags full of sliced pita (its the best kind in my opinion), various pies (chicken, meat, spinach/feta, etc). Lately they've started selling the most wonderful little samosas (or if they arent samosas they're damn close to UK style samosas), and these fried little dessert items that look like twisted churros but takes of apple. No clue what those are, i'd love to know, but they're very very tasty. Their hummus is very good too, as are many of their other packaged dips/spreads.