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Aug 30, 2005 09:48 PM

Ribs in Marin?

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I am looking for great ribs in Marin or perhaps Sonoma County. My fave place is in Salinas and I am craving something closer to home.

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  1. If you mean real barbecue ribs, I don't know of any really good ones in Marin. Memphis Minnie's in SF has great ribs as well as other great barbecue items. And there has been mention here of very good beef bibs at Jerome's in Petaluma.

    Memphis Minnie's
    576 Haight
    San Francisco

    Jerome’s Mesquite Bar-B-Que
    1390 N. McDowell

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    1. re: MIck Ruthven

      Thanks everyone. I will try both Stars and Jerome's BBQ as they are each within 20 minutes.

    2. Well, I haven't been to Memphis Minnies or some of the other well-known East Bay and SF places (except Everett & Jones on San Pablo, which is very good).

      But I have been to Stars BBQ in the Marin City shopping center (between Longs and the Best Buy, in the strip mall section).

      They have decent, properly smoked brisket (dry rub), nice pork ribs and a very good HOT sauce (there is also mild but I prefer the hot sauce).

      There have been some other postings about Stars here but it's worth a try.

      The only caveat is that most of the times I've been there, they are rather relaxed about time (e.g. it can take them 15-20 minutes to package up an order for you). No real place to eat but one or two small tables, so plan a picnic somewhere like Old Mill Park in Mill Valley...

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      1. re: RichInMV

        I'll have to try Stars again. I went there once soon after they opened and wasn't impressed with the brisket at all. Didn't try the ribs so I should at least try them.

      2. I agree that you would do better outside of Marin, but Stars' pork ribs are pretty tasty (and a dollar cheaper before 2 p.m.)


        1. Haven't been, but I've heard pretty good things about Mr. Ribs in Corte Madera Town Center, by Bryan's Meats.

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          1. re: Sarah

            No Mr. Ribs in Corte Madera Town Center according to their website.

            1. re: katiracook

              I just called and talked to Peggy (415.519.7420) -- Mr. Ribs will be open all weekend 11:30AM-7:00PM. If you do try it, please report back!

          2. Thought I should mention Smalley's in Salinas. Great smoky ribs (look out the window and see the backyard full of the wood they use). I missed a chance to eat there this weekend, but the fellow who first took me there said "I went to Smalley's for dinner yesterday, it was as good as ever. Want to smell my fingers?" I wanted to cry.