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Apr 15, 2007 09:02 PM

Richmond – Emancipation Day (4/16) – Soul Food Sunday at Independent Wings N Things

The suggestion to chow down on Southern food to commemorate Emancipation Day seemed good.

A day early but there’s enough leftover for tomorrow.

Smothered steak comes with a large square of house-made cornbread and … FIVE sides … for $11.50 … no kidding … and it was all good.

Two pieces of Swiss steak were fished out of a huge pot of steak and gravy. The steak was tender and the gravy flavorful.

The smoky house-made beans had generous pieces of spicy sausage. Sweet potatoes were nicely candied. The mac & cheese was excellent. Flat noodles, almost like chopped up lasagna noodles had the right amount of oozy cheese.

The greens were fresh and not overcooked. Surprisingly the rice and gravy was almost the best. The rice fluffy and the gravy full of flavor. Nothing was too salty either

The cornbread was crumbly and had a nice corn taste to it. .

There’s a special everyday, but Sunday has the big meal with all those sides. Oxtails and smothered chicken was also available.

The menu is pretty basic. They have spicy chicken wings too. They were sold out of the peach cobbler.

This was a good rendition of basic soul food at a great price.

There are two tables and a few counter seats, but it is really a take-out place.

Independant Wings N Things BBQ & Soul Food
1305 Carleson
Richmond, CA

Uh, maybe about a mile or two from El Cerrito Plaza. If you are at the stoplight at the plaza, driving straight ahead instead of turning onto San Pablo will put you directly on Carleson.

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  1. If you get off the Richmond San Rafael Bridge at Bayview and make a left turn and then a right turn on Carlson, you are right in front of Wings N Things.

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    1. re: wally

      Thanks I always forget about that. I forgot the phone number ... Here's the whole address

      1305 Carlson Blvd
      Richmond, CA 94804
      (510) 307-9995

      For search purposes ... Wings & Things ... Wings and Things.

      Anyone else eating Southern for Emancipation Day? I'm tempted to go back for the wings.

      1. re: rworange

        thanks for trying it out RW.. have driven by it many, many times but couldn't get myself to stop.

        1. re: kc72

          Nice folks. I'd skip the burgers. They were big, but it seemed like they were straight from the freezer ... popular item though.