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Apr 15, 2007 08:40 PM

Birthday dinner

I know birthday dinner questions seem to come up here a lot, but none of the past ones I read seem to address my situation.

I am a local New Orleanian (almost 29 years) and so are most of my friends. I am trying to choose a good spot to have dinner on April 27th (first day of Jazz Fest) that won't be overrun with Jazz Fest crowds (feel free to tell me this is an unattainable goal). I'm thinking there will be 8-12 people, so a place that could accomodate a group would be necessary. Price doesn't matter too much to me, but I don't guess I want it to be so over the top that people opt not to come.

It seems that the folks here always have wonderful suggestions, and I look forward to reading them! Time is running out and I truly have no clue.

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  1. What about a tatami room at Horinoya? You can have private space, sit on the floor, and enjoy yourself. Probably won't be overrun with crowds, as most visitors aren't thinking of Japanese while in NO. The chef will work with you if you want a special menu, too.

    1. I think Celeste has a good idea. Some places Uptown might not be so, so packed if you pick a lesser known place like Jamila's, or Maple St. Cafe. Or you could take this opportunity to try something good in Metairie, Drago's maybe? It's well known enough that it might be jam packed, though. Or one of the Bucktown places like R&O's, or Bozo's, or New Orleans Food and Spirits. Or drive down to Mosca's!

      1. Jamelia's is wonderful...Feelings,Nardo's, Clancy's (prob packed), Eleven 79, Fire!, or maybe Rio Mar.