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Apr 15, 2007 08:31 PM

New kabob place in Tenleytown: Hungry Tiger

Well, as Tenleytown is a bit of a chow wasteland, I was excited to see the arrival of this new Persian kabob place right on Wisconsin next door to the deli. It's called Hungry Tiger. Made my first trip there on Saturday. They serve all sorts of kabobs, felafel, hamburgers, french fries, some side salads, and ice cream. Sort of a cute hybrid of a drive-in hamburger joint with a Middle Eastern twist.

I had the kobideh kabob with salad. Not bad. Very fresh. Next time I'll try the rice instead of salad. They have shakers of sumac on the tables, which I respect. They make their own bread, but I found it a little too crispy and not pita-like enough for my taste. Definitely not as good as my favorite kabob place, Kabob Palace in Crystal City. But certainly worth a return visit.

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  1. Has anyone else tried this place? I'm thinking about stopping by tonight as it's on my way home.

    1. Tried it twice. Tried a wide range of things. Gave up on it. More expensive than Moby Dick and not nearly as good.

      I thought it might have potential as an apres guitar lesson ice cream place (so, actually, I tried it three times), but the exotic ice cream flavors wereMIA and they don't know how to make a milkshake (very thin and flavorless -- no chocolate syrup and not enough ice cream)

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        ^^ 100% correct. We tried it a few time too - much more than a Moby's platter and not NEARLY as good! Why eat there when Moby Dick is only 2 miles away (in either direction, one in Bethesda and one in Georgetown) MUCH better food and 30% less money! It's a no brainer!

      2. Being a huge fan of Persian food, I was delighted to find out that Hungry Tiger opened up in my neck of the woods. I eat there quite often because its hard to get out to Shamshiry (best Persian food EVER!) and its quite good. Their Kubideh is excellent, so is their chicken kabob, and I've even tried their burgers. They also offer an excellent eggplant appetizer, similar to Baba Ghanoush (but better!) The most important part of a Persian meal is the rice - and they've got it spot on. Overall - two thumbs up!

        For good Pakistani/Afghani food - I'd got to Kabab palace ... but for Persian, Hungry Tiger is second only to Shamshiry.

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          Have you tried Rose Restaurant in Vienna?

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            Well worth a lunch:


            And, for what it's worth: the family who own Shamshiry have a relative who owns an excellent kabob place in McLean called Amoo's. The several rice dishes are almost identical although the overall presentation is not on the level of Shamshiry. Still, well worth a visit if in the neighborhood.

            From the same guide as the link above:

            "The menu is very limited, only kabobs, the key is to get the Zereshk Polo, the barberry rice. Ideally with the tandoori chicken. Excellent atmosphere, reasonable prices, the real thing all the way. It is not yummier than Shamshiry, but is a viable alternative, and is arguably more authentic."

            This means that it is more of a dump but it has a lot of "granite" character. My guess is that the family has a marble and granite business also and this is a part time showroom of sorts.

            Any serious kabob restaurant whether McLean or Tenleytown is cause for celebration.