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Apr 15, 2007 08:12 PM

Nashville Bound!

My husband and I are going to Nashville for 2 or 3 days for a getaway and are staying in the Opry area. What are some places that are a must do food or whatever,. I have never been and don't mind going a bit out of the way for something worthwhile.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm also heading to Nashville in a couple of weeks. I'm going to suggest that you search this board for recent posts like this one:

      There are plenty of great, recent discussions about Nashville dining. My mouth is watering at the thought. Cheers

      1. One thing that must really, really surprise visitors to the Opry complex is how very far out of town it is. It's about 10 miles from downtown Nashville in a bend in the river near office parks and suburban neighborhoods. There are restaurants in the hotel and at the Opry Mills mall, some pretty good, none world class or especially memorable. I work in the area, so I struggle with the same thing, especially when taking clients to lunch. You're about 6 miles from a place called Ellendale's near the intersection of Donelson Pike and Old Elm Hill Pike that is really wonderful combination of familar foods like prime rib and newer twists like horseradish mashed potatoes or fresh tomato and arugula salad with mozzarella. It's a superb value for well-made food. Same family also operates a sandwich shop two blocks from there called Phat Bites that is really special.
        For our local must-eat places, Yongeman is right that there have been loads of detailed recent posts on everything from fine dining to barbecue to meat-n-three. You'll find something wonderful, if you're prepared to drive. Have a great stay -- the weather is perfect and you'll love the hotel -- very over-the-top!

        1. Here are some places that definitely may not be what someone might think is stereotypical of Nashville, but still a representation of what this city has to offer (anywhere from 5-30 minutes away from the Opry area):

          Marche Artisan Foods - great food and atmosphere...and a great place to people-watch
          (East Nashville)

          Casual Lunch/Dinner/Weekend Brunch:
          Monell's - homestyle, southern cooking in a great environment
          (Germantown or Downtown Franklin areas

          Nice Dinner:
          Watermark - regional, classic fine dining
          (The Gulch
          (ask for Terry to serve you and Jeremiah behind the bar


          Joey's House of Pizza - for real NY style pizza (the family that runs it is worth it as much as the pizza)
          (Maryland Farms area in Brentwood)

          Dessert or Snack:
          Las Paletas - Mexican popsicles made fresh in the back, incredible flavors and combos
          (12th Ave South area

          Baked Goods:
          Merridee's Breadbasket - key lime squares (yum!
          )(Downtown Franklin)

          Jazz Lounge:
          F.Scott's Restaurant & Jazz Bar - nightly in the lounge (no cover), full menu available, too
          (Green Hills area

          Beverages and Such:
          J & J's Market & Cafe - international & domestic coffee, tea, misc beverages, chocolate, munchies, magazines etc.
          (near Vanderbilt University, on little Broadway, next to Noshville


          There's lots to see and places to shop in these areas, too. Happy hangin'!

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          1. re: Lindalicious

            I posted this on a different Nashville thread:
            These are my hardcore faves. If you got other hardcore recs, please inform
            Hardcore recommendations:
            The best chicken in the world is in Nashville. Hot chicken shacks!
            400 degrees or Prince's are good spots. Call ahead and carry out. Very unsafe area and a total hole in the wall. I actually create trips to Nashville just to get this chicken.

            Margot Cafe & Bar is good if you want something nice. Donut Den is good late night.

            There are also some very nice Taco Trucks/Stands in Nashville (now illegal in ATL but reminds me of the Mission in SF)

            Here are a couple of pics:


            1. re: Rowdy Food

              Hey Rowdy Food, I can't open the pics. What I really want to know about are the Taco Trucks or Stands in Nashville. Thanks.

              1. re: Yongeman

                Sorry about the pics.

                Amazing taco truck quality here especially considering location of Nashville, TN.

                Nolensville Road in Nashville is a slice of heaven. I just drive around and pick one or two ethnic restaurants that look most tempting (and most crowded with respective ethnic background).

                Here are 2 to investigate just to get you started.

                La Taqueria El Tio Pepe Mobile Unit
                4153 Nolensville Road

                Tacos y Mariscos Lopez #6
                3901 Nolensville Road

                Yongeman, I am glad to hear of your interest. I may go to Nashville this weekend for the Hot Chicken and Taco trucks.


                1. re: Rowdy Food

                  Hey Rowdy Food,
                  Thanks for the information. We're coming down (from Toronto) to Nashville for a week in May for some music-related things. Belive me, I want to eat well (not expensively, just well) when we're there. I've found lots of great tips about meat and 3, breakfasts and bbq, so we'll be trying lots of them too. I'm looking forward to more postings about taco trucks etc.

            Bosco's (beer)
            Yazoo (beer)
            Nooly's (cajun in farmers mkt)
            Martin's BBQ (15miles s.east in Nolensville)
            Copper Kettle (meat & 3)

            There are many more but these hidden gems will blow you away!