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Apr 15, 2007 07:29 PM

Dinners in Westchester with live Belly Dancing?

I know Jackson and Wheeler used to do this. Does anyone know of any other restaurants (preferably good, authentic Turkish/ Moroccan cuisine) that has live belly-dancing coming up? I was hoping to take friends to one sometime this month.

If so, what's good to order?


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  1. Check the website for Bellyissima (the dancers)--

    1. Zitoune, the relatively new place on boston post road between mammaroneck and larchmont has live belly dancers, but I am not sure which night of the week. Try calling them.

      1. Just went to Jackson & Wheeler on Sunday for their Belly Dancing Show. They had a bunch of dancers including special guest from NYC. Seemed like everyone in the audience were dancers too. Show was unbelievable and the food was wonderful. Bringing my family back to the next one in May. I asked the Dancers if they performed anywhere else in Westchester and they said not at this time. Good Luck.

        1. In Larchmont Turquoise has this. ON Palmer avenue.

          1. I'm aware of Zitoune but I didn't know they had belly dancing... thanks spa! I do know Jackson & Wheeler, in Pleasantville, has belly dancing pretty often. I've never seen it- I just go for the food... I love that place. Truthfully, I'm not into live music and/or performances while I dine.