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Apr 15, 2007 06:43 PM

VACATION! Pacific NW Style

We leave for Seattle on Tuesday. Two nights in Seattle; then we are driving to Mazanita for a night; next stop Oregon Wine Country (we are staying in Dundee), then two nights in Portland.

I want to know what not to miss. i am so excited; i have never been to this part of the country and i can't wait!!!!

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  1. Oh! It is beautiful country. I was there last month and really really enjoyed Shiro's. We were the first customers in the door and put ourselves into his hands, it was a great evening. Pike's Place market and the area is a must as well. Be sure you go in the Am, so you can see all the local vendors. Enjoy.

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      we are staying 3 blocks from Pike's Place. i am so excited. Shiro's is in Seattle, correct???

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        Yes, it is. I got the recommendation from this forum and it was a good one. Plan a few hours at Pike's, lots of stuff to see, lots of stuff to buy. Excellent artist /craftpeople there.

        And if you have never been, remember you read it here first, EVERYplace out there sells expresso!

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          And when you're here - remember we call it the Pike Place Market or simply The Market.

          Oh, and we call it espresso ;)

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              Just doing my part to make sure people fit in!

              1. re: Lauren

                Thanks, Lauren. It's important work, though thankless. To a native, "Pike's Market" is wearing a flashing sign on your head that says "Tourist."

    2. In Oregon Wine Country, I had a very pleasant, though not great, meal at The Pink Lady last year. One of the better meals I've had down there.

      In Portland, since you're from the South, you should focus on places that use local/seasonal ingredients, like Wildwood and Park Kitchen. If you have more specific requests, I'd love to come up with more. Otherwise, there are lots of threads below.


      1. The best food in the wine country is at The Painted Lady in Dundee. Do a search - Dundee, McMinnville, etc and you will find more.

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          Ha! That's what I meant! I guess I've seen Grease one too many times.

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            I just got back from a weekend in McMinnville and had a wonderful meal at Nick’s Italian Café. Nick’s daughter has taken over the cooking and I must say the food was fantastic! A 5 course menu for $45 is quiet a bargain and the food is great.
            1st course was a choice of House made Mortadella, Sweetbreads in crispy pastry, sfmorata (a savory parmesan flan), or Mussels.
            2nd Minestrone soup,
            3rd choice of Sausage and grilled onion lasagna or tagliatelle with lamb ragu .
            4th Creaser salad or delicious mixed greens (I was on to my 4th or 5th glass of wine here so details escape me)
            5th course was a choice of rabbit wrapped in prosciutto, Beef with brocolini and carrots, lamb 3 ways, seared scallops with grapefruit butter.
            The food was well executed, service was great and a fantastic wine list of Oregon and Italian wines. I must say when in the wine country may be my new favorite place to eat

            1. re: Charles

              we didn't make it to Nick's; however, after hearing that menu, we should have!

          2. SK, I second the recommendation for Shiro's. Be sure to get there just as they open (5:30 p.m.) to ensure a seat at the Sushi bar. Your next step is NOT TO ORDER ANYTHING. Merely ask Shiro San to make your dinner and have him select your sushi. Shiro has been nominated for a James Beard award which is extremely rare for a Sushi Chef. Other suggestions include lunch at Maximillien's at the Market (ask to sit in the upstairs bar and order the Mussels.) Visit our International District and try either Tamarind Tree or Seven Stars. Lunch at Salumi is a true Seattle Chowhound destination. (Be there right at 11:30.) One dinner at The Dahlia Lounge or Palace Kitchen should also be on your short list. Have a great visit and let us know what you liked.

            1. OR Coast: Manzanita is a nice place. You may enjoy a hike up Neahkanee Mt. or around the Falcon Crest trail. Food options, however, are pretty limited. Check out Cannon Beach for more places to eat.

              As for the rest, it would be helpful to know where you're coming from and what "level" of places you're looking for. You'd hate to recommend a Mexican place to someone coming from San Diego or barbecue for someone coming from Memphis (although Portland has excellent examples of both)...

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                To be honest; we are up for anything and everything. we like to do couple high end restaurants however, it's really about all regional culture. If there is a brewpub we shouldn't miss, i want to go there, if there is a snack shop on the side of the road we want to go there!