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Apr 15, 2007 06:28 PM

Food Network Awards (sic)

A half hour in and the whole thing looks like Food Finds/Unwrapped on steroids. Thank goodness they showed off Nigella's ...dress early.

Think I'll go watch C-Span now.

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  1. It's one giant commercial.


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    1. re: marthadumptruck

      I can't believe they duped us!! Hubby and I made all the above references too.. Love the CSpan reference! We will go watch CSpan-2 since we live in the only city in the world that chose to have that channel instead of Gameshow Network..We feel betrayed.. Didnt they lead us to thinking that this was a show to award the food network shows and chefs. Didnt you think we were going to see things like best quip by Alton vs. Bobby etc. or best use of a supermarket cake mix by Rachel or Sandra.. or best romantic interlude with a hunk of chocolate with Nigella vs Ina... I expected humor and excitement and cant believe it was a big horrid commercial! Fast forwarded and skipped most of it. Just watched Portland ME cuz that part was true. Its been an amazing food place even back when I first visited in the mid 80s. Shame on Food Network. Gimme Mark Summers and Unwrapped. At least he's honest about what he's doing. or bring back Sandra cuz I love the Food Finds theme song..

    2. This show stunk. I was bored to death and it was nothing but a huge advertisement. The best part of the whole thing was Sandra Lee's headlights. Must have been chilly in there.
      Other than that...blah. I turned it off after 45 minutes. I'm shocked I lasted that long. I hope they don't do this again.

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      1. re: QueenB

        I only made it about 10 or 15 minutes. I changed the channel about halfway through Paula Deen and son's presentation. I am not knocking the Food Network, it's about all I really watch, but this was not exactly their shining moment.

        1. re: ArikaDawn

          Hahaha....I turned the channel at the same time. I Tivo'ed it in case there would be something of substance later on and after watching it this, their wasn't. Even Alton came off as unlikeable in this mishmosh of crap.

          1. re: ArikaDawn

            Funny...that's also when I turned it off. I was actually surprised I made it that long.

          2. re: QueenB

            Just another example of a completely ridiculous waste of airtime. Now granted, I did not watch it, but when will some network genius come up with an awards show that has some merit ? Every day in America someone does something truly heroic and deservant of recognition. Does someone really need to be given an award for Best Panini ?

            Was there an award for "Best Gratuitous Cleavage Shot" ???

            1. re: TonyO

              Should have seen Nigella's spice rack...

              As fro gartuitous, Giada and Sandra Lee was on it right? Need you have asked?

            1. re: livetotravel


              I now know Bourdain is a sad, angry man... he actually wasted a few hours of his life watching this "awards show". Pretty sad life if you ask me.

              his comments overstate the obvious, and to me seem like piling on. Most folks know Food Network is bad, but he seems obsessed with making fun of them. In my opinion it is similar to the bully who made fun of mentally retarded/fat/nerdy kids in school.

              1. re: swsidejim

                Yeah, I enjoy amusing and clever putdowns, but writers who resort to phrases like "lower than whale shit" have all the sophistication of a 13-year-old.

                1. re: swsidejim

                  Must have been paid to watch. I liked what he wrote. He a very good point about the 'My Country my Kitchen' series.

                  1. re: swsidejim

                    I disagree. He says what he thinks, and what many are thinking but don't say. I like his rapier sharp comments. He worked there once, I'm sure he has bad memories / harsh feelings of the place, so there may be some delight in seeing such a poor production out of FN, but I still think he's right on target.

                    1. re: Ken W

                      obviously you dont read these boards alot, everything he says is stated and restated on CH.

                      Like I said we all know FN is pretty bad, but most of us are not its intended audience.

                      Like I also said he is a bully, how many folks on here would defend the bully in school or at work like they defend the "great" Bourdain..?

                      One persons rapier whit is another persons sour grapes.

                      To each there own.

                      1. re: swsidejim

                        That was: RAPIER WIT and THEIR OWN.

                        I really don't believe he is a bully. He does have strong opinions. In addition, much of what he writes is post-modern, ironic, and I have to admit, pretty hilarious. Its along the Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert line of sarcasm and cynicism, if you don't get them, you won't like him.

                        1. re: swsidejim

                          What does defending the schoolyard bully have to do with anything? I think it’s a bit much to call him a bully. He is actually quite nice. If you read the article you’ll have noted he felt bad for the very same people he denounces.

                          What exactly is he doing wrong? Yes his is often quoted on these boards. So what. And his opinions of FN are well known. Again so what.

                          The point is our opinions about FN don’t get heard. His do. So while FN is recycling the same ‘personalities’ over and over again and somehow finding ways to make even more inconceivably bad shows he is in a position to publicly call them on it. He was right on the money when he talks about some really good shows that they once had. And what have they replaced them with? How many shows about cake does anyone need?

                          In a world full of accepted mediocrity it’s good to hear a dissenting voice.

                          1. re: swsidejim

                            I dunno, if anything Bourdain is the anti-bully. The self destructive smartass kid at school who mocks convention, is a bit full of himself, yet tells the bullies to shove it and thus gets the snot beat out of him. He's a funny guy but you really have to had sat in the back of the classroom to get his schtick. Frankly when his first couple of books came out, I couldn't stand his persona but since he less insecure and become much more human, he's a riot. Nothing like the bitter truth with a side of smirk.

                      2. re: livetotravel

                        Thanks for posting the link. Sounds like the show only got more ridiculous after I turned it off (during the second "award").

                      3. Rainy afternoon in CT, M&M jfood decide to exercise. Put on the TV and get on the machines. Mrs Jfood has her ipod on high, Jfood flips to Food Network. Last ten minutes of Giala. Good finish. Then they go to "Behind the Scenes at the Awards Show." If anyone thought the show itself was lousy you should have seen this nightmare. I watched for a few minutes and then switched to NHL, and in-between periods.

                        I asked myself who would watch the "awards show". and given the responses below, glad i was not one of them. then again The Sopranos was not one of the best either.

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                        1. re: jfood

                          Agree. It looks like Paulie Walnuts will finally get some screen time next week. It's about friggin' time !

                          1. re: TonyO

                            that mustve been the point of tolerance cuz hubby and i made it to the same Paula and son spot and he made me change it! i snuck back to check the Tivo too, and couldnt stand the snippets i tried and gave up, except for as i said above, watching Portland Maine.

                        2. Just saw the show and have to say I LOVED IT! It was so bad it was good. One could not make such a disaster if they had wanted to. Except for the ironic induction of Julia Child into the ‘Hall of Fame” (I say ironic because if she were around today would FN ever consider giving her a show. She is exactly what they won’t put on the air. I digress.) the show lacked any sort of redeeming value.

                          Keep up the good work Food Network!