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Knife Sharpening in Rye Brook area

Can anyone recommend a knife sharpener in the Rye Brook/Port Chester/Greenwich area?

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  1. I know this is not what you want to hear but I have not found any place around here - I take mine to Chef Central in Hartsdale on Central Avenue. They do a great job.

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      I also use Chef Central and agree. A few minutes away but worth the drive. Perfectly done.

    2. Believe it or not there is a building about 50 square feet on I believe , Read Street (near Kneaded bread)or the next street over.If you make a right on to the street heading north, the building is 50 yards down on the left. Inside there is one man and a giant wheel . All he does is sharpening. Commercial on most days but a day a week he takes in retail. A very nice man and an invaluable resource.

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        Do you know what day of the week they take in non-commercial business? Business name that I could call?

      2. port chester grinding. very nice guy. his name is luigi.

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          this is great. I've been looking for someone around here. Anyone know his prices?

          Here's the address I found on google:

          Port Chester Grinding Services
          25 Read St, Port Chester, NY 10573

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            Be careful-- I think he butchered one of my Henkel knives years ago. I haven't gone back

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                I was thinking of trying Chef Central, but I haven't yet.

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                  Took some to Chef Central and they did a wonderful job.

                  Chef Central
                  45 S Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY

        2. a great chef on a food talk show last year(cannot remember names- sorry) said that if you sharpen on an un-glazed ceramic bowl- it's better than professionally sharpening!

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            I've tried that after i saw Jacques Pepin do that on one of his shows. It never seemed to do much for me... But who knows...

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              and another one said if you try to sharpen your own high quality knives (unless you REALLY know what you're doing) you're a fool.

              Personally, I send them off to justknives101.com and have them back in a few days, perfectly done to your specs.

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                what does 'perfectly done to your specs' mean in terms of knife sharpening?

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                  Not a lot; only that you can specify how sharp you really want it, from home cook sharp to serious pro sharp

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                    Don't fall for that nonsense. A sharp knife is a sharp knife. The sharper it is, the safer it is (less effort to use) and the longer it stays sharp.

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                      Well, that's mostly true. But you want different sort of knives sharpened to different degrees. The lower the angle it's sharpened, the sharper it gets, but the weaker the edge. You want a fillet knife to be sharper than a meat cleaver--the latter will have a somewhat less sharp but more durable edge.

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                          What angle to sharpen a particular type/style/brand of knife is for the sharpener to know to do his job properly. Asking (potential) customers 'how sharp' do you want your knife is silly.

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                            The OP didn't say that the company asks the customer how sharp they want their knives, only that the customer can make requests. FWIW, I don't see any such thing on their sharpening form,
                            which only asks how many knives of each length.