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Apr 15, 2007 04:59 PM

Cary, NC -- Looking for outside dining

I'm meeting up with a friend next weekend in Cary, NC and need to find a place that has outside dining -- so I can bring my dog....any ideas? I'll be picking up my friend from the Embassy Suites hotel and, being from Durham, have no idea where to go in Cary. I just don't get there very much, as Durham has lots of tasty options. Many thanks for ideas...

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  1. I've eaten outdoors in Cary at Ciao, Goodberry's and mine & my friends' decks - and the back porch at Prestonwood is Very Cary. Patio at Ciao was not set up a week or so ago when I walked by. Vespa has patio dining but I have never eaten there. Aren't there more outdoor options? I'm not sure if any are dog friendly as my dogs do NOT have restaurant manners.

    1. The only place I can think of is the Hibernian (on Kildaire Farm, near the junction of Cary Pkwy). It's definitely a great place to meet for a pint of Guinness. And they do serve food.

      1. Hotpoint Deli on Buck Jones Rd. has outdoor seating. It isn't much of a view there but the food is really good. They have sandwiches, pizzas, and some entrees.

        1. The Lotus Leaf Cafe has excellent food and an outdoor patio area, but I don't know their view on doggies. You'd have to call them and ask. Highly recommended as a dining spot though! (Harrison at Maynard)