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Double Dishwashers? Worth it?

We are planning an eventual kitchen gut and remodel and are really thinking we would like to install a second dishwasher. We entertain an average of 3 nights a week and it just seems if we had a second dishwasher, we could fit almost everything from dinner for six in it, including some cookware, and save ourselves a lot of hand-dishwashing and a load of extra dishwasher dishes to deal with in the morning. Does anyone have any input on this?

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  1. Are you planning on reselling the house? Might be a bit strange for potential buyers--?

    If you have room for it--or a place to store it--there are a few nice portable dishwashers (i.e., not built-in types). The plus side(s) being that you can roll it away when you don't need it and you can take it with you if you do decide to sell/move.

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      We have no plans to ever sell the house. This is our keeper, so we're wanting to outfit it for our lifestyle, not with resale value in mind.

    2. when we renovated we put in double dishwashers -- it's great!! especially when entertaining! if you have the room, do it!

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        Yeah, I agree if you're keeping the house.

      2. I LOVE having my 2 Miele dishwashers. I have 3 small kids and we entertain and I probably run both dishwahers every day (but with one I usually run a top shelf only load). It is great for entertaining and it makes my life much easier. If you have the space, I'd do it. we remodeled at the end of 2005 and I went from quite possibly the worst kitchen ever, in terms of layout and function and everything, to a dream kitchen. I also LOVE my sub zero refrigeration drawers which is full of drinks and leaves plenty of room in the fridge for food.

        1. I've thought of putting a professional style dishwasher in my house once I get one. The small ones I've seen in tiny restaurants may only fit the one rack, but each load takes only about two minutes start to finish.

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            I have a commercial dishwasher in my home kitchen. I think it fantastic, but my wife thinks I'm an idiot and would get a Miele in 12 seconds if the commercial machine ever breaks. When one is in the midst of meal prep it is a glorious thing to keep running fast loads of dishes... you complete your meal and your kitchen is spotless. We then do three or four loads of dinner dishes and the kitchen is done... yes, one must dry stuff by hand, but we installed a separate hot water tank for our machine so it runs at about 160F... everything but plastic air-dries in about 15 seconds once the rack is pulled out of the washer...for me it is heaven, but it is not for everyone

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              I'm not sure what type of commercial dishwasher you have, but I an envisioning the above counter type where the rack slides in from one side and is removed from the other. If that's the case, there are under-counter commercial warewashers that look just like a regular consumer grade dishwashers but still complete a load in around two minutes. They are expensive, starting at around $4000, but most models include a booster heater so you wouldn't need the extra hot water tank.

          2. The double dishwasher thing is actually somewhat common among certain affluent folks who want a modern kitchen that is as kosher as can be.

            That said, I have grave doubts about the real utility of two dishwashers. The problems I foresee are mostly on the side you won't see -- water supply, drain, and electric. Even the stingiest dishwasher sucks up a lot of hot water. I'd hate to try and do anything else that relied on HW while two beasts were filling simultaneously. That water gets dumped to the drain in a pretty nasty state too -- I like to see that go into the disposal line so that there is less chance that a hidden trap gets gunked up. And finally there is the electric issue, lots of amps for something that could be done with fluffy towel and only a bit of effort.

            The other thing that I worry about whenever I see a dishwasher is just how harsh they are on the stuff that goes into 'em. Every quality cookware company says "don't put our stuff in there". A lot of the detergents will really beat-up even food service weight plates & glasses -- forget about crystal & bone china.

            The super fast commercial units really on a lot of really really hot water/steam but may be incompatible with standard residential grade cabinets.

            The slower units are going to mean that now you have every plate/piece of serving ware/cookware coming out after 4 hours...

            BTW I think that unless you have gone overboard on giving each guest an ultra-elaborate place setting, virtually all the modern residential dishwashers will hold plates for 10-12 without any complaints...

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              Add to this that from an environmental point of view running only the top shelf, or half, a dishwasher is pretty irresponsible and there are not many arguments left for the double dishwasher.

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                I don't think it is irresponsible at all if you are using a machine that does not guzzle tons of water and soap.

                The Miele machines I've had require only a few teaspoons of soap for a FULL load, and use minimal water. I believe you'd use more water and soap when washing by hand. And they have the Top Solo feature which is specifically designed for smaller loads on the top rack.

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                I agree, renov8r. In a lot of high end kitchens, you will see double dws. Or sometimes a standard dw and a drawer or two. I really don't think it would adversely affect your resale value. If you have that many dishes to wash on a regular basis, I say go for it.

              3. When he was about 8 my son figured this out on his own. He told us we could eliminate the chore of putting the clean dishes away if we had 2. Ingenious, if you have the budget and space! Besides, they will last twice as long.

                1. The house we bought has two dishwashers from the previous owners remodel. They are great and I would recommend doing double, esp if you entertain that much. There is just my wife and I, but we get full value out of them. We only run them when full (which usually means not at the same time), but it does keep the counters clean as they can become alternative storage when you are too lazy to empty one. I don't think it will affect resale negatively, esp if you pick good units. Good luck.

                  1. Hi,

                    A friend has 3 dishwashers in her newly done fantastic kitchen for a cook..a miele, and a fisher paykel with double drawers. I had a meile in my last house and now have a fisher paykel.There is nothing like the miele.The fisher paykel you have to understqand it and keep in touch with the 800 number where they willingly walk you through the problems...They hate that they might n ot be the best, though maybe adequate. The Miele, Fisher since I do not want to invest in a Miele.

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                      I have the same set up in my kitchen, a Miele which is the "entertaining" dishwasher, and 2 FP dishdrawers for everyday use (we run one drawer a day on average). The Miele is a much better machine. The FP is really very well made, and totally with you on knowing the 800 number...and I was amazed at how knowledgeable the person who picked up the phone was about the various problems...obviously they get LOTS of calls on these issues. If I had to do it over again, I would reconsider the FPs and get 2 Mieles instead.

                    2. If you run a diswasher with only the top filled, have you looked at the two drawer dishwasher. It sure sounds better then wasting all that everything for just the top!!!

                      1. If you entertain that often, then yes, you absolutely will make good use of a second dishwasher.

                        As far as eventually selling your house is concerned, don't worry about it - odds are that if it's the sort of house that has a custom kitchen, the new owners will re-do the kitchen to suit their own needs. And they might think it's a brilliant idea, particularly if they like to entertain.

                        My only concern would be the sacrifice of cabinet space, but if you can work around that, then do it.

                        1. We have two miele's and its worth it. Now, our decision was influenced by keeping kosher, but it is great. The kitchen is always cleen looking. And, water use is minimal compared to hand washing. If I had room to put in a third, Id have done so.

                          1. i would love to have 2 dishwashers. In my next house it is going to be a must. We entertain a lot and I cook a lot. Having one running and another waiting to be loaded would be heaven. There are only 2 of us but that 2nd dishwasher is definitely on my priority list.

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                              having 2 dishwashers is great if you entertain a lot. There are only 2 of us as well, so the FP dishdrawers are convenient because we will fill a drawer each day. There are, as I mentioned a number of drawbacks however. When we entertain we typically go through a lot of wineglasses, usually white wine, red wine, and water glass per person, and it's so convenient to just put them in the Miele and run the crystal/china setting. I used to wash all the glasses by hand which was a big drag and I ended up breaking more glasses that way.

                            2. Sounds totally like a "First World Problem" you have there ;)

                              1. Hey question to all of you...I am installing two dishwashers in the new kitchen and the question is - do you know of any brands that have setups where one dishwasher is pots and pans (heavy duty) and the other is dishes / glasses / cutlery?

                                For those of you that have two - are they identical?