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Apr 15, 2007 04:49 PM

SW Calgary Pizza

I live nearish to Mt Royal college, and I have yet to find a good pizza place that delivers. Anyone have any good recommendations on AWESOME pizza?

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  1. scroll down there is a HUGE thread on pizza.
    my pick for amazing pipe in your neck of the woods in Volo's on 20 street and 25 ave sw.

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    1. I had an absolutely fabulous pizza a couple of years ago in a neighbourhood strip mall joint in Lakeview, and I've heard other people mention it as worthy of a long detour. I think, based on my hazy recollection and Google Maps, that it's Bella Roma; 17-6449 Crowchild Trail SW (403) 242-0441.

      Don't know if they deliver, but if the mountain won't come to Mohammed...

      1. I would recommend Sophie's Pizza, it is on Richmond Road in the strip mall next to the Co-op. It is run by the former owners of Spiros's on 17th Ave and 33 ST SW, which is also a good choice. 3rd option is Nick's they have a delivery/ take out joint on 14 ST around 33 ST SW.

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          Oh hell yeahs to Sophies and Nick's!

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            I echo new JJD's recommmendations of Sophie's Pizza. It is fantastic! When I lived on Coach Hill I ordered from them once a week and never had a bad pizza. Cheers!