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King Crab Legs...preparation

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One of the Supermarkets here in Scottsdale, AZ is running a 3 day special...King Crab Legs...$5.99 a pound.
I just bought 3 pounds....
Besides steaming them what else can I do?

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  1. hmmm...likely they are already cooked, right? Maybe toss them on a hot grill to heat them up rather than steaming again.

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      yes, crab (unless you catch it yourself, buy it live, or is soft-shell) is pretty much always cooked shortly after it is caught (before being frozen) - like lobster the shell turns red when cooked.

      I agree, grilling is nice. They could also be thrown into the oven for a few minutes

    2. I just saw live King Crab at our local asian market for $14.99/lb. Anyone know how to prepare them? They were huge!

      1. Cut off half of each shell, lengthwise of course, put on lemon-butter, and run 'em under the broiler for 5 minues or so, just enough to heat through. This was the way I had them at a great restaurant 40 years ago and they were so good I can still taste them.

        Take out the meat and use in crab Louis or other seafood salad.

        Make jambalaya.

        For other recipes, see this fine purveyer of Alaskan seafood::


          1. Yes, throwing them on the grill is how I do it. Gets a little smoky flavor and the you can break the shell with a fork, like a can opener because its so easy, and get huge chunks of meat out.

            1. Most Chinese restaurants in L.A. steam them with garlic. Put them on a steaming plate, mince some garlic and put it over the crab, sprinkle a little bit of cooking wine, and then sprinkle some soy sauce.

              1. Myself and a few friends got live Dungeness crabs at an Asian grocer this weekend. I think they were $8 a pound and the things were huge.

                We did two different crab preparations. Mine was super simple but was a huge crowd pleaser, I made crab rangoons. I steamed my crab, then cleaned it taking as much meat as possible from the claws and the shell (just claw meat would've been better). Then I grated an onion, sauted it in some oil. I added that to the crab meat followed by some fresh grated ginger, some green onion, salt and pepper, and about a package and a half of cream cheese. I mixed that all together then spooned about a bit less than a tablespoon of the mixture onto a wonton wrapper, brought the sides together to make the classic rangoon shape and fried them up in some very hot peanut oil. I served them with plum sauce and a spicy dumpling sauce I found at the Asian grocer. They were fantastic, I'm so used to having inferior crab rangoons at Chinese places that consist of cream cheese and maybe a spec of imitation crab. Real crab makes all the difference, it's sweetness plays so well with the cream cheese.

                My friend made a hot and spicy crab and mushroom soup with them. He first steamed the crabs, removed the legs and made a stock from the shells. Then he cleaned the legs reserving the meat. To the broth he added mushrooms, lemongrass, hard boiled quail eggs and Udon noodles. He spiced the sauce up as well with hot thai peppers. It was fantastic.

                Have fun with those crab legs.... YUM!