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Apr 15, 2007 04:34 PM

King Crab Legs...preparation

One of the Supermarkets here in Scottsdale, AZ is running a 3 day special...King Crab Legs...$5.99 a pound.
I just bought 3 pounds....
Besides steaming them what else can I do?

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  1. hmmm...likely they are already cooked, right? Maybe toss them on a hot grill to heat them up rather than steaming again.

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      yes, crab (unless you catch it yourself, buy it live, or is soft-shell) is pretty much always cooked shortly after it is caught (before being frozen) - like lobster the shell turns red when cooked.

      I agree, grilling is nice. They could also be thrown into the oven for a few minutes

    2. I just saw live King Crab at our local asian market for $14.99/lb. Anyone know how to prepare them? They were huge!

      1. Cut off half of each shell, lengthwise of course, put on lemon-butter, and run 'em under the broiler for 5 minues or so, just enough to heat through. This was the way I had them at a great restaurant 40 years ago and they were so good I can still taste them.

        Take out the meat and use in crab Louis or other seafood salad.

        Make jambalaya.

        For other recipes, see this fine purveyer of Alaskan seafood::


          1. Yes, throwing them on the grill is how I do it. Gets a little smoky flavor and the you can break the shell with a fork, like a can opener because its so easy, and get huge chunks of meat out.