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Apr 15, 2007 03:51 PM

Anyone ever try Manhattan Beach Creamery?

I just posted about Glacier ice cream finally getting their shop fixed up (but it's not open yet). That got me thinking about Manhattan Beach Creamery. It's been there for years and I avoid driving/parking in the area because it is too busy. The place is located on the corner of Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Manhattan Avenue. However I noticed it says "homemade ice cream" and my curiosity is piqued. Searched the old threads and only noticed someone mentioned the place as a landmark to find a gelato place a couple of years ago. That doesn't sound promising....however, I'm willing to be enlightened.

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  1. I don't consider myself an ice cream expert, but I like their icecream. They have some interesting flavors, good creamy texture. I think it's worth a try. If you don't like to park in the area, consider parking farther away and walking there on the strand or through downtown MB...either way it's a very nice walk. Maybe that's why I like their icecream--it is usually the culmination of a nice walk from hermosa beach. :)

    1. eh-unless you find a parking spot in front first time past and you are having a Ice Cream Now moment-not recommended by me. The gelato place is a bit better but still not great. I had some ice cream today-homemade in small batches-not from a mix at a place called Deliciouse (sp?). Next to Brogino's (sp/)-an Italian place. We sampled the chocolate and the lavender. served in a comne or a cup. It's pricey-3 dollars with tax for one scoop and some of the best icecream I have ever had.

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        Hmmm....I've eaten Delicieuse and mentioned it before on this site. I found it at Surfas when I was originally trying to find Dr. Bob's. I bought a quart of each brand and decided the Delicieuse was better. Had several quarts of Delicieuse and had the lavender flavor recently. Guess it's still worth a try (or more) just to get an idea in my mind of how it stacks up to the competition. Thanks for the replies. I know the MB Creamery has been around a while, just never seen any comments.

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          i enthusiastically second your recommendation of delicieuse.
          absolutely wonderful.
          the prices, though higher than those for baskin robbins and the like, to me, seem more than fair for the superior quality of their product.

          those times that i will accept something bad and full of weird artificial ingredients, i can get it from the grocery store.
          when i need something truly wonderful, my car makes the trip to artesia blvd. in redondo beach.

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            I was so tempted to buy a few pints when we were there. Glad I didn't-it has an addictive quality-I think because of the purity of the ingredients....stays fresh on the palate , no after taste or weird mouth feel/coating. I will have to bike there when I need a scoop or two in order to justify the frequency at which I intend to indulge.

            Have you eaten there for lunch or dinner? It seems so lovely....

        2. I didn't care much for MB Creamery, and Paradise Gelato down the street has closed up.
          Is Glacier open yet?

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            Not yet but is could be any day. It has taken AGES! Conversely, Gelatopia on PCH and Beryl opened last week and it seemed it took only a few weeks to get it together. I tried the strawberry and chocolate (had hazelnuts in it creating a sandy texture, even though I asked for chocolate). The oweners say it is made on the premises, hard to believe as the space is TINY and no sign of fresh ingredients. Do they mean it's made fresh from a mix?

            It was okay-especially the strawberry. At least we have another frozen treat option other than Coldstone (blech) and Lappert's (meh).