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Cheeseburger in Paradise- Good?

Just got one of them and a Bonefish Grill near where I live. Anything good from Cheesburger in Paradise? I looked at the menu online and it looked alright but really nothing special. Not too many reviews of this place on the boards so I was curious if anyone knows?

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  1. Their cheeseburgers and onion rings are pretty good -- haven't tried anything else. They will actually cook your burger medium rare without an argument, which is a big plus these days.

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      go when you just want a burger. The not too plain not too particular pressed burger is very good. Sweet potato chips are better than fries. Chocolate nachos are pretty damn good. Some of the apps are very good. Side salads are pretty tasty with the fresh asparagus ....just get the dressing on the side. They go pretty heavy.

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        Are they actually potato chips or more like sweet potato fries?

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          sweet potato chips. Not fries. Good...fries are eeehhhh.

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            I second Chelley's review - love the choc nachos. Other stuff is as Chelley said.

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            Most importantly I really want to know how their burgers are. The Cubano and pork sandiwches look good also.

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              I have to dock them some points for saying it's a "true Cuban sandwich" then including mayo in the ingredients. Mayo on a traditional Cuban? Ay Dios mio!

          3. I enjoyed their cuban sandwich. They have a nice house salad dressing and my daughter loves their mini cheeseburgers. But my most favorite thing on their menu is the chocolate nachos!

            1. I liked their version of sliders quite a bit.

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                i am not sure if they all do this; but at the one in atlanta the manager and the waiters dance on the bar and it's really loud and annoying. the food is only decent not great. the sweet potato fries are good!

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                  Have definitely NOT seen the dancing on the bar routine in our CIP; wouldn't go back if I did!

              2. Chocolate tacos are good to share for dessert.
                Burgers are fine, sweet potato chips are good.
                Sometimes, the satays hit the spot.
                Mini-cheeseburgers are wonderful.
                Onion strings are yummy when freshly cooked.
                Fancy-schmancy mixed drinks are good and reasonably priced. I'm partial to the Dos Pom which is similar to a Cosmopolitan, except they use tequila instead of vodka.
                All in all, decent bar food.

                1. Burgers are ok. Mini-cheeseburgers are better.

                  Had the worst Margarita ever but have ordered other drinks that were fine.

                  1. I have been to Cheeseburger in Paradise maybe 10 times, the burgers are average,the onion strings I had were over salted, and gross. I like the mini cheese burgers if I am going to have anything to eat,.

                    I mainly go because they have the coldest beer mugs around, and have Leinenkugels Honey Wheat beer on tap at the one in my area.

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                      I see everyone loves the mini sliders but how come they don't get rave reviews for their burgers? It should be the same meat just smaller patties?

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                        I dont know, perhaps the simplicity of the mini burger, or perhaps when I eat them that is the first thing I eat, so my hunger perhaps makes them taste better?

                        I mostly go for a few cold ones, and an appetizer.

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                          I do think its the simplicity of them. The buns seem slightly different (a bit softer, somewhat butterier (new word there I think) and the meat seems to be better seasoned. I'd opt for a plate of four of those ahead of a regular sized cheeseburger myself. The burgers are fine, I just think that the sliders are pretty good.

                    2. This is interesting. The only Cheeseburger in Paradise I've been to is the one in Maui, it's totally unrelated to Jimmy Buffet, and has been there for many years, well before Jimmy Buffet finally capitalized on his famous song. I didn't think the Maui one was that good. The Jimmy Buffet ones seem to be located in very un-islandy parts of the states.

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                        Been to teh one in Lombard, IL. Had the mini cheeseburgers - good, I guess. Go for teh kitchiness - Go EARLY - it gets packed. Sit outside if you can - even though you overlook a parking lot in Lombard.

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                          Haha, they should put pictures of island views in the windows. :)

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                            I live in Maryland and we have one about 10 minutes from where I live. My boyfriend loves their food but I hate it. We've been there a handful of times and I haven't been impressed at all. I got a satay dish once and found it overly salted. The burgers are okay. Haven't gotten dessert or drinks there though.

                      2. Has anyone tried their veggie burger option? I love Red Robin because their Boca patty is actually substantial enough to hold up to the oversized bun and all the toppings. Also, it doesn't get all dried out and shrinkly when the line cooks overdo it. I'm sort of curious to try the new CiP that just opened up here in DE, but since so many places fail miserably with their veggie burgers, I'm a bit hesitant...