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Apr 15, 2007 02:24 PM

30th Birthday Dinner in West Village/Chelsea With Parents

Any recommendations for a 30th birthday dinner in the west village or chelsea with my wife (the birthday girl) and her parents. Doesn't have to be super fancy or super cheap. We are all foodies and there are too many good/new places to choose from. We have a reservation now at Morimoto, but are not 100% sure if that is what we want to do.

Thanks in advance.....

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  1. What kind of cuisines are you interested in?

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      We are open to anything, but prefer cuisines that are not overly dairy.

        1. re: LFeinberg

          we've been to cru and would prefer to try somethig new. i always pictured 5 ninth as being more like a club, but that may just be a preconception

          1. re: Gramercy Foodie

            Not like a club at all...beautiful atmosphere, great drinks, lovely outdoor garden and innovative cuisine by Zak Pellacio (sp?).

    2. Morimoto is great but its a big place and scene. If you like french and a more intimate setting- Gasgogne really good and priced fair also great selection of armagnac.
      8th ave 18-17th st

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      1. re: hungrymonkey

        French stuff is usually too much butter and for my wife who is lactose intolerant, it might be a no go.

        1. re: Gramercy Foodie

          Have you been to Pure food and wine in gramercy?

      2. What about Cookshop or Blue Hill?

        1. Perry Street or Wallse in the W Vill. If you're looking for something more casual, Red Cat in Chelsea is nice for a celebration.

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          1. re: Lucia

            Good call on Wallse!!! Perfect for an intimate birthday always save the day, Lucia :)

          2. Thanks to everyone for all of the great examples. We are still trying to decide, but either way, we have a long list of great places to visit!