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Apr 15, 2007 02:13 PM

bacci Abracci Vs. Fornina

My vote is for Bacci although is it just me or does this place always seem kind of empty?

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  1. i LOVE bacci and abracci and i'm always afraid that it's going to close....

    i assume you're comparing the two on pizza? I find them pretty similar; both are good, though i'd also give the edge to baci and abbraci.

    and one more thing -- the violetta di parma at b&a are supremely good. fluffy little gnocchi, made with beets and goat cheese.

    also, b&a has a nice garden out back for when it's *finally* not winter.

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    1. re: ferdydurke

      Yeah all the pastas Ive had are great I just had the Vongole today for the first time and it was just as great as all the other stuff Ive had on my visits and on the many occasions I get delivery

    2. I like Bacci and found everything there to be truly delicious, but just can't go as I find the noise deafening. I don't think Fornino is quite as tasty, but it is really nice and relaxed in there.