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Apr 15, 2007 01:58 PM

Any good Menudo in NE?

Moved back to New Hampshire after eleven years in Colorado and missing my favorite mexican soup.

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  1. I can't speak for good, since I've never had it, but one, maybe two, places in the New Haven, CT area serve it. I imagine you'd really have to like menudo to trek down here for it, though. Did you mean to title your post 'Any good Menudo in NH'?

    1. Try Taqueria Mexico in Waltham (MA) - I believe they had it - in any case, they're worth the trip for authentic Northern (Sonoran) Mexican.

      For great Tex-Mex (somewhat gringo-fied) in NH got to any of the La Carreta's (Nashua, Manchester, Derry). No Menudo, but good Tamales and a great Carne Asada - they use thinly sliced rib steak.

      1. Taco Loco in leominster Ma 185 Central St
        I don't eat it but my hubby does. he is used to italian tripe but he really likes it there. i have lived in So Ca and i like the gorditas, burittos and rice. very small 2 tables. really just a store front mother and daughter run it. imho it is more authentic than what else is available local to me

        1. If you find yourself in Portland, ME, stop by La Bodega Latina on Congress St. It's primarily Domican. They make a very good menudo, although it is not always available. I also recommend the fried pork belly with a squirt of lime, the jamaican meat patties, fried chicken, the goat or oxtail stew.... I think I know where I'm going for lunch tomorrow!

          1. Tacos Lupita on River St in Haverhill has it, and it's very good, but only on Sundays.