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Apr 15, 2007 01:39 PM

How to get to Can Bosch, Tarragona

Hello- we'll be in Barcelona next week and I've been told that I should go to Can Bosch in Tarragona for an excellent feast. Anyone know the best way to get there if we don't have a car?

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  1. I don't know where the restaurant is, but you can take a RENFE train from BCN to Tarragona.

    Then maybe take a taxi?

    1. Can Bosch is in Cambrils a few towns down from Tarragona. You can take the train to Cambrils (some trains are faster than others, depending on how many stops it makes). Here's the schedule (you'll have to scroll down to click on "Cambrils"):

      Below is a link to a map of Cambrils. The red star on Rambla de Jaume I, 19 is the restaurant. The other red star in the left upper corner is the train station. Ignore the pulsating circle in the middle--that's just there to confuse you.

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          Can you report on the restaurant?

          We'll be in the general area (visiting Priorat and Penedes for a day in late June) and are up in the air about where we're staying (and eating of course:)!

          Any other suggestions for a nice town with a good local restaurant are welcome...doesn't necessarily have to have Michelin Stars either!

          And we'll be driving so can be wherever.