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Apr 15, 2007 01:25 PM

Crystal City Lunch

Have 25 relatives coming from out of town for an event and need to pick a place for lunch in the Crystal City area that is large enough to accomodate everyone. Any recommendations?

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  1. You might have to split your party, but there is a fantastic mexican restaurant on restaurant-row.. the name evades me (its the only one there). The food is delicious and authentic, and the service is out of this world! They are fairly affordable too!

    1. The mexican place mentioned below has closed. There is an Italian place there now that is pretty good, Bebbo Tratoria. They might have a private room, but not sure. This link has a listing of all the restaurants in CC:
      I would call the ones you are interested in to see if they can accommodate your group. Legal Seafood is always good as is Jaleo or the thai place on Crystal Drive.

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        Bebo's food is quite good but it is also fairly expensive and there have been numerous complaints about slow and incompetent service. The chef has a strong commitment to quality and has been trying to fix the service problems. I'd suggest a test meal there prior to booking a large family event.

      2. Wanting to add a note about the mexican place. There is one, but it's not the same name as it used to be. Not sure if it's the same owners, and I can't report on it's current incarnation in terms of food - but there is one there - and in the same location I'm sure. On the closer end towards Rt 1, next to a Salvadoran place and I believe a thai place.