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Apr 15, 2007 12:59 PM

VANCOUVER BC - sushi & dim sum

So, we always here about Vancouver's amazing asian food.

Two questions -

Is Tojo's still tops for sushi?
If not, who is your fave for HIGH end raw fish?


Where would I find Vancouver's most flavorful dim sum?

ben - from portland

ps. I just ate at Pho Hung in PDX yesterday and it was GOOOOOD. (order the #1, and don't forget the dipping donuts!)

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  1. Tojo has moved west a block to a new building-very impressive and even more expensive-it's debatable whether Sushi is worth as much as he now charges.

    Try or instead both top rate and well run.

    Sorry I don't eat Dim Sum so have no idea.

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      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Tojo's is now charging even more for bait + attitude?

        Take a pass...

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          out of curiosity, just how expensive is it?

        2. I would go to have dim sum in Richmond (a suburb where YVR airport is). Here are my recommendations:

          * Fisherman's Terrace at the Aberdeen Mall (call ahead for a reservation to minimize your wait time)
          * Sun Sui Wah (locations in Richmond and Vancouver).
          * Top Gun (in Richmond)

          1. i think the best place for dimsum in vancouver is kirin sushi (12th and Cambie) except there is no picture menu or little cart that comes around so you kinda need to know what you want (or have a chinese person go with you). for 'cart' dimsum, the best place is sun sui wah. keep in mind both places are really busy on the weekends and could have you waiting an hour.

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            1. re: bpeck

              I think bpeck meant to say was 'kirin SEAFOOD' : )

              And I second the recommendations
              - Kirin restaurant chain (they have 4 locations)
              - Sun Sui Wah

            2. No Tojo...........high end i would say Octopus Garden, Yoshi┬┤s, Blue Water (the sushi chef is Yoshi ,former owner of forementioned)
              Dim Sum ......Sun Sui Wah and Imperial are my fave but Kirin and Shanghai bistro are also very good

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              1. re: busterbrown

                yoshi's is no longer owned by yoshi?!? when did he leave? We always make a point of going there when in VancouveR? Is it still just as good as when he was there?

                1. re: alex8alot

                  yes he left to take the job at Blue Water........the last time i went it was still very good (i think his apprentice or someone from the restaurant had taken it over) that was over a year ago now when i last went, but everything was still the same then.

              2. A little secret but, right below the restaurant SANDBAR is a sushi bar run bar HOSHI san. He is by far one of the best suhi chef's around. You can ask him for anything and he'll make it so good and everything is so fresh! After your meal you can go upstairs to the deck to have some drinks, the view is gorgeous.