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Apr 15, 2007 12:48 PM

Cheap Eats near George Brown?

I'm taking evening classes at George Brown on Mondays and Thursdays. Does anyone have suggestions in the area for good, quick and cheap places that I can grab a quick sit down meal or something on the run?

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  1. There is a restaraunt right in George Brown where the culinary students get to practice their art.

    Can't get any closer than that!!

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    1. re: Livingtoeat

      Unfortunately the dinner seatings start after my classes start and I'm pretty sure their sit down meals aren't quick. Maybe I'll venture to try the restaurant on another night.

    2. Zoulpy's is on King very near to George Brown, but they close at 7:pm, I don't know if that time works for you.The food is reasonable and quite good, and you could eat in if you wish.

      1. The best deal in that area is the cafeteria at the Toronto Sun on King Street at Ontario. It's open to the public. Just walk in the front door and turn right.

        The prices are right and the food is pretty good.

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        1. re: Moorepark

          Sounds interesting, would you know how late they are open?

          1. re: Teep

            I'm not sure what the hours are. I've only been there for lunch.

            1. re: Moorepark

              There is a cafeteria at George Brown aside from the dining room. It appears to be open when I go just before 7. Never tried it though. Anyone tried it?

              1. re: mickeyj

                I've been to the one in the Hospitality building. It depends. Their standard fare is usual cafeteria crap (canned soup, etc.). However, sometimes they have stuff made in classes that day that they are selling. I've had decent manicotti there. If you go there, ask for that kind of stuff. Things made on the premises. Not the soup, bagels, pre-packaged sandwiches, etc.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  Sometimes they have soup made by the students too. Often quite tasty and cheap.

                  As far as the dining room goes, apparently if you are registered as a student in one of their course you get a discount on their already cheap prices too.

        2. Most of the cheap places I know of aren't open very late. Can you tell us if it's lunch or dinner you're seeking?

          In the meantime, a 2nd vote for Zoulpy's. Then there's Patrician Grill and Petit Dejeuner. It's also a quick walk to the St. Lawrence Market for a multitude of cheap choices as long as you don't mind sit-down dining interpreted as a public table.

          1. There's the Richmond Rogue at Richmond/Sherbourne for a half decent burger. There's also King Palace at Richmond/Sherbourne (Behind the gas station) for tasty Indian and Pakistani dishes. If you mosey over to the Front/Jarvis area, there's Romagna Mia, but that may not be quick and cheap enough. Market Fresh is a decent alternative - a few steps west of Romagna Mia.

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            1. re: spades

              I second Market Fresh. Great stir fry dishes and, for the student budget their dumplings (15 for $5) are fresh and tasty.

              There's also a mediterranean place on the south side of Front across from Market Fresh (east of Jarvis) that makes excellent fresh tabbouli. Their hummus is bad, though -- very runny. I haven't tasted the rest of their food but would go back just for the tabbouli. On a warm pita it makes a nice bruschetta-like treat.

              1. re: idnas

                No wonder I can't find "Market Fresh" on - it's actually called "Cafe Asia's Market Fresh", but the first two words - their real name - are small and inconspicuous. The prices are definitely student-friendly - $6.95 for bulgogi with rice. Say that to Ninth Gate just down the block!

                I was happy to see "Ja Jang Tofu" on the menu. Usually it's made with pork (they offer that version too) which is minced and cooked in a strong bean paste, but I don't eat pork. So I ordered it and boy I was disappointed. It had tofu slices stir fried with just a dash of bean sauce, if that. The veggies were indeed market fresh, but the tofu slices were a bit dried out from frying. My friend had the special Baby Bok Choy, with the beef option which is $1 more. Do you think he got $1 worth of beef? of course not. However, at those prices, you can't complain too much. It's OK for getting a quick bite to eat, which is what we were looking for, so we weren't disappointed in that regard.