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Apr 15, 2007 12:41 PM

VANCOUVER BC - sushi & dim sum

So, we always here about Vancouver's amazing asian food.

Two questions -

Is Tojo's still tops for sushi?
If not, who is your fave for HIGH end raw fish?


Where would I find Vancouver's most flavorful dim sum?

ben - from portland

ps. I just ate at Pho Hung in PDX yesterday and it was GOOOOOD. (order the #1, and don't forget the dipping donuts!)

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  1. I had dim sum in Vancouver this afternoon at Imperial Chinese. Burrard and Hastings.
    It was fine. Not fantastic. We found it in NW Best Places 1997 edition or some similar year. I'd like to find something better-- and not right in touristy Gastown/hotel area.

    Friday night we had the best Indian food at Vij's in South Granville. Two hour wait -- they don't take reservations-- but it was terrific. Soo good. Rangoli next door is the same owner, but they do lunch and perhaps dinner for a touch cheaper.

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        I really like Sakae sushi--I think it's on Thurlow, downstairs, near Alberni. Not overpriced but authentic--lots of Japanese business people hanging out.

      2. re: sophie.

        I second Vij's - so good.
        I like Sun Sui Wah for dim sum.
        And this is the first time I've ever herad of 油條 (youtiao) refered to as dipping donuts before, but to each their own.

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          Can you tell me of a good place for Chinese breakfast served on a weekday? thanks in advance.

      3. We were in Vancouver for a long weekend about a year ago. Very much enjoyed Tojo's. We were stuffed to the gills, but happily so. Still wish environment/ambience was more elegant, but the food was worthy of writing home about.

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          Tojo's recently moved into gorgeous new digs just a few blocks away from the old restaurant. So environment/ambience is very good. Sushi there is still excellent as well. Either sit at the sushi bar or order omakase.

          If you don't have time for Vij's, visit his informal cafe next door, Rangoli's. A more limited menu but very tasty. And you can take home frozen entrees from his freezer!