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Apr 15, 2007 12:11 PM

Dessert for 50 people in Monterey

I'm feeding 50 people on a bike trip in July and need to pick up dessert in the Monterey/Moss Landing Area. We've purchased from Phils Fish Market in Moss Landing before but they don't offer any type of break on their desserts. $50 for a cake, yikes! Need Chowhound recomendations for bakeries in the area I can call and order from. Cakes, cheesecakes, pies etc.

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    1. Rosine's on Alvarado has the best desserts around I don't know if they offer discounts for large orders but call and ask. Their cakes are about 6 layers apiece they are huge so even if they don't offer a discount you could get away with ordering two less cakes and cut smaller slices one small slice equals a regular slice. Paris bakery another spot for great dessert the closest to being in France in the area.

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        Excellent. I will give them a call. Thanks!

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          A little late on the thanks but we used them last year and this year. Fantastic desserts and nice people. (Their steak sandwich was the best I've ever eaten too!)