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Apr 15, 2007 12:07 PM

any good pasta in Greenwich/Port Chester? Pasta Per Voi? That Little Italian Place?

We recently moved away from all our tried and true pasta places in Westchester and I am looking for some place that has good pasta dishes for a weeknight meal - dine-in or take out. Has anyone been to Pasta Per Voi or That Little Italian Place in Port Chester/Byram? I do love Frank's in Port Chester and have yet to have anything not worthy of a return visit but I am looking for other options just to shake it up.

Any thoughts?

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  1. We like the pasta at Frankie and Louie's (used to be Luigi's) which is just around the corner from Franks and across the street from Sonora. They always heat the bread which is delicious and love the salad and antipasto. Don't love their meat dishes however.

    1. Piero's in Portchester on S. Regent is very good. Not inexpensive though.

      1. Have you tried T&J Villaggio Trattoria on Westchester Ave. in downtown Port Chester? I've found their pasta to be pretty good, and they deliver.

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          T&J is good. More upscale and expensive, Pulpo is another choice.

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            Soliaia on greenwich ave . Its fantastic. They have a great brunch and the pasta is great. I highly recommend it.

        2. Pasta Per Voi is ok but I've heard that little italian place in Byram is better.

          1. I second Piero's in Porchester. Fun, simple and good.

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              T & J's has great food. Would recommend T & J's over Frank's. Haven't been to Little Italian Rest for a long time, but there's a little pizzeria on the same block called Fuzari's (sp?) and they have quite an extensive menu. Their food is pretty good. I believe they deliver as well. DH & I have been to Pasquale's in Port Chester (near Carvel/Cumberland Farms) and have had great meals, but they are pricier than all of the above except Piero's. The gnocchi bolognese @ Pasquale's is just the yummiest-not at all heavy. Just perfect.

              1. re: LHorch

                We went to T&J's for the first time this week. I can't believe I've lived in the area so long and never knew about this place! It's really such a nice neighborhood spot. What I also really liked is that their wine list has a bunch of very reasonably priced bottles. The perfect place to have a good weeknight dinner and a bottle of wine and not feel like you're spending too much.

              2. re: Beatriceis6

                we go to Piero's all of the time but I don't think they do take-out/delivery. we LOVE it there!

                1. re: KarenNYC

                  Piero's does take out for sure - it's one of our mainstays. No delivery, though.