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Apr 15, 2007 11:19 AM

Where can I find an amazing brunch in L.A. without an hour wait?!?

Based on my past experiences, brunch in Los Angeles can be an all day event. I'm graduating in May and my family is coming down for the weekend. I want to bring them somewhere on a Saturday, but don't want to wait forever for a table for 7. Any suggestions????

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  1. I think it's all a matter of timing, but Joe's on Abbot Kinney in Venice has a great brunch menu that seems to never disappoint on the levels of quality and service. And if you get there relatively early - 11AM for brunch - a table for seven should be in the cards. Like any other restaurant that is known for great food, they will fill up relatively fast, so early is essential. I don't know if reservations are taken for brunch, so a call would be great.

    1. You could also try Saddle Peak Lodge as well. Great view. Good food. Reservations can be made. I like their goodie basket, champagne cocktails and wild boar hash. If the weather is nice enough you could probably request to be seaten outdoors.

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        The Gardens in Westwood offers a nice Sunday brunch menu, not sure about Saturday (although you can order lunch on Saturdays), They are good about honoring reservations. I was there today with a party of 8. It was very relaxing and food was quite good. Service was excellent!

      2. I was just at Square One for brunch today (on Fountain, behind the large Scientology complex on Sunset). Got there at 11:30 and the wait was only 20 minutes. I did see a couple of larger tables (seating 6-8) that had "reserved" signs on them, so I'm assuming you can make reservations for larger groups.

        Eggs benedict were terrific, by the way.

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          I just looked at the website, the menu looks great! Thanks for the rec

        2. cafe del rey in marina del rey.
          Cafe Del Rey Marina Del Rey, CA 4451 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 310.823.6395

          make reservations

          1. Try Jar.

            Get there anytime before noon and you'll be fine, usu. little to no wait.


            *EDIT. I just re-read your post and you want a SATURDAY brunch. Nevermind Jar, then. They only do brunch on Sundays. Sorry.