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Apr 15, 2007 10:51 AM


Taqueria Moroleon is the place to go for mexican food anywhere in the philadelphia area. we have an old joke that the less english the waiters speak, the more authentic it is, and it proves true here. the ambiance is a little corny if you ask me, but they go the extra mile, with great music and decoration. the usual chips are brought to the table when you get there, but they are hot (is that odd or amazing or am i just dumb?) and come with some great salsas. the guacamole is GREAT but you have to ask for it. They have the usual nectars and mexican sodas, it is BYOB. I usually get the fajitas, they have just about every combo you could imagine (I LOVE THE CHICKEN AND SHRIMP). they are really good with little kids, with the usual fries and chicken fingers, or small tacos and such. they were very nice to my bosses son when we went and he is a little bit wild. i also have had chimichangas and quesaldias, both were very awsome. my dad loves to get the soups and my mom get vegetarian because she is kosher and is never upset with what she gets. i cant even tell you if they have dessert because by that time i am SOOOO full. if you think teca and senoras in west chester are even OK, this will blow your mind. Suposedly they cater also, but i dont know. ONE LOVE
P.S.: I have been there probably 20 times and in all times of the year and week, and i have never waited for a table.

Taqueria Moroleon
15 New Garden Shopping Ctr.
Kennett Square, PA

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  1. Taqueria Moroleon is our go-to place for authentic Mexican food. We're there, on average, twice a month. It's cheap, portions are plentiful, and it has it's own unique "ambiance". My favorite dishes there are the Tex-Mex fajitas and the chicken chimichanga (which isn't even on the menu, but they never bat an eyelash when I order it). We especially appreciate being able to bring our own beer or pre-mixed margaritas and fixin's.

    We do sometimes find ourselves waiting for a table on a Saturday evening, but it's never a long wait. I think TM has been "discovered" because last time we were there, the folks waiting for a table ahead of us said they'd come to Kennett from Drexel Hill. They used to have live music -- three guitar player/singers on Saturday evenings, but haven't heard them lately.

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      With Cinco de Mayo approaching I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate with a little fiesta.

      Last year I had a party, only I had it on Cuatro de Mayo. This year I'm keeping the date but thought it would be best to take advantage of the amazing amount of Mexican restaurants in the West Chester area.

      Here's the plan... I have rented a bus on the 4th of May and will be doing a dine-around to taste all the Mexican goodness that there is to offer. Anyone is welcome. Score cards (to rate which is better) and sombreros will be provided. There will be a cost but it includes food, drink and transportation.

      Weird I know... but worth a celebration. Here's a question for everyone: of all the places in the area what 4 spots would you want to be included? I have an itinerary in mind but thought I'd get some feed back from fellow foodies.

      Check out more information at


    2. I have to agree. I never used to like Mexican food much until I moved to West Chester and started finding some of the great, out of the way authentic places around. I just moved to Cheltenham but anytime we wanted real Mexican it was always worth the drive down to Kennett Square. You won't be disapointed!

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        new really good quick mexican close to west chester....
        called red sombrero, in the big new shopping center on 202 as you go towards delaware. they have all the regular stuff, tacos, burritos, chimichangas. a whole mess of daily soups and nachos and such. all the sodas and nectars are there, along with the usual american fare. a small kids menu. served on trays you bring to your table and take to trash cans, so less formal, but really good. check it out.

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          Which new shopping center is that -- can you mention what other shops are there? I know there are a ton of shopping centers up that way, and am having a hard time picturing what's new!

          1. re: spyturtle008

            its got a giant, a starbucks, a cigar shop, a nextel or verizon store, a DQ, a tanning salon, a pizza place, a chinese/sushi place, and a glasses store.

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              Red Sombrero and the shopping center have been there for years. I think it is at the intersection of dilworthtown road and 202. Bennigan's is there also I think.

      2. If you are looking for another Mexican restaurant rec out in the Kennett Square area, I would suggest El Sombrero in Avondale (437 Gap Newport Pike). It is very inexpensive and also has a grocery store across the parking lot. As I wrote in another post, this place reminds me of what Taqueria Michoacana in Norristown used to be about 10 years ago.

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          Not to divert this old thread (much) but if anyone wants to talk more about Mexican places in Norristown, I'm interested! !Gracias!

        2. Wonderdog, I really liked your definition of good Mex food "the less English the waiters speak". I lived in New Mexico in the 60's&70's, have Hispanic in-laws, and am a bit of a New Mexican food snob. I am, with 1 exception meeting above definition, disgusted w/ Maine Mex. Restaurants. My question is, how does one know when a Philly rest. is authentic Mexican? Is it like some chicano in Albuquerque, who has never been to Philly, finding an authentic Philly cheese steak, soft pretzel, scrapple or It. sausage sandwitch? Just food for thought. PS Is Joe's Peking Duck House still there?

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            passadumkeg (please explain your name to me)
            im not sure. its just a joke really. but as a foodie, i think i could distinguish. probably a gross steriotype, but it usually proves true. never really thought about it though. thanks a lot. never heard of joes peking duck house. also, if you werent sure, kennett square is a very hispanic area. all the people who work at this place are mexican. so it seems pretty authentic.

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              Passadumkeag is a native American name for a small town north of Bangor, Me. A local group, The Wicked Good Band made it famous in their song Hey Bartender, Passadumkeag! The also have famous food songs like Big Friggin' Clam and Italian(hoagie) on their nonaward winning cd Maine Cookin'. You know, I left the Pa/NJ area a long time ago, before the Hispanic invasion, and moved to New Mexico. I think my attitudes to authentic Mex fare needs updating. I just know my experiences in Maine, the whitest state in the nation, have understandably been poor. That said, I will take my wife for choriso, eggs and tamales for Mother's Day breakfast at The Mexican Restaurant in Hancock and if we go to camp(Maine jargon for lakeside cabin) we will probably pig out for a late lunch at The Mexican Restaurant in Harrington. Of course, both are owned and operated by Hondurans. The food, however, is good and cheap and probably even authentic. Wait a minute. Can Mexican food be authentic if it is prepared by Hondurans? I think not. Great menuedo. (If a Mexican restaurant doesn't serve meneudo it isn't authentic!?) Go eat some chile rellanos for me, will ya, can't get 'em here.

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                Hey! I hear there is great Mexican in Hazelton, if the mayor lets them stay. Know any?

              2. re: Passadumkeg

                There are many Mexican migrant workers in Kennett Square and the surrounding area. It's no surprise that you can find pretty good Mexican food around here. No, it's not ubiquitous here like it is in some places in the West, but you can find it here. What do you want, LA? This is West Chester!

              3. Have you tried Don Gabriel in West Chester yet ??? It is the real deal

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                  I think I've been there. Is that the place near the Giant supermarket? If it's the same place I'm thinking of, here's my take -- the food was okay. NOT as good as Taqueria Moroleone. But I absolutely did not enjoy the atmosphere there. In fact, I couldn't wait to leave. It felt cold and unwelcoming and uncomfortable. For me, the best part of being there was browsing the shelves of the grocery in back of the restaurant.

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    yep that's the place ...hmm I guess I will be in the minority but I do not like Moroleone ...I have not been in quite some time , I love the atmosphere at Don Gabriel ..

                    1. re: smobron

                      ...and that's why we have chocolate and vanilla. :)