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Apr 15, 2007 10:41 AM

MSP April Mid Month UPDATE

Where have you all been since the above thread.

Tell us!

Rants, Raves, etc...

You know the drill.


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  1. I have been out of town for most of the month but yesterday I went to Town talk diner for brunch and I was not very impressed. Maybe I ordered poorly: egg special with homade chicken sausage? The dish was not bad but the menu didn't really excite me and I ordered my food somewhat unenthusiastically. Initially, I was craving a burger but then I read that the Town Talk burger came topped with a fried egg and ham. I'm all for eating protein but this struck me as bit much. My egg dish and my gf's were tasty...but really heavy and not very original. I wonder if we should check out Town Talk for dinner and drinks instead.

    1. I, too, was out of town the first part of the month. This past week, though, I've been on my own - the family was out of town - so I was eating out most of the week. Whenever this happens, I try to make it to places other than my usual haunts. Except for Bar Abeline, all of the places I talk about below were either new to me or places I haven't been to in a long while.

      1) Sapor - Dinner last monday night with two colleagues. Great meal. We split the fried green bean appetizer (flash fried in a light batter and served with a green garlic-buttermilk sauce, radishes and soft-boiled egg) and barbacoa appetizers and I had a rack of lamb that was finished perfectly. We also sampled most of the Bell's beers that they had there. Sapor is not a place that I ever think of and that's too bad. I'm going to try to make a conscious effort to get over that way more often.

      2) Wasabi - I had wanted to like this place, but was underwhelmed. Sat at the sushi bar by myself and was basically ignored the time I was there. I didn't mind that, but things seemed to be tense between the chefs and the wait staff. Had a chirashi sushi which had decent portions of sake -- salmon -- which was great, along with three other types. Was underwhelmed and may or may not return.

      3) 112 Eatery. I found a single seat at the bar as I walked in. Enjoyed a drink and talking with bar mates. Ordered steak tartare appetizer, the egg and harisa sandwich, and the cauliflower fritters. After seeing the size of the tartare, I cancelled the sandwich. The steak tartare was gigantic. Easily shared by 3 as an appetizer. It was delicious too, although I must admit I like Vincent's tartare as much if not more. The fritters were over the top and great.

      4) Bad Waitress. A quick dinner of an egg scramble with chorizo, peppers, and gouda, along with a side of hash browns. The dish had just the right kick to it. My first time there. I'll be back to try other things.

      5) French Meadow for breakfast yesterday. Had a single strawberry and almond pancake (the special). Appreciated the real maple syrup and the flavor of the pancake, but thought the cake itself was pretty bad - dry and chewy.

      6) Bar Abeline. Has the service gone down here? Had a mediocre meal with spotty service.

      1. Went to Moscow On The Hill two weeks ago for dinner. Food, drinks, service were good as usual. We always ask for Chris to be our waiter.

        We had dinner at Phil's Tara Hideaway in Stillwater too. Very friendly and accomodating staff. Food was wonderful.

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          Made it a point to seek out Satay 2 go in Apple Valley Saturday.Its really hidden in the nondestrip mall on the north end of Home Depot.Now that I'm progressing to this important second sentence,it hits me-I can't remember the exact name of what I had.Okay-they were wider noodles with chicken,shrimp and assorted veggies.The guy at the counter was extremely helpful.Everything entree/side is pictured,along with a nice description below it.I ordered "hot" and said I'd like to sweat a bit.When I told him it was for take out,he smiled and joked about how I'd have no recourse if it were too hot.

          I will be back.It was fresh,tasty and spiced well.Worth seeking out,hounds.

        2. I was gone too for the 2 weeks of the month. Did get to have the tasting menu at Alma, however. The arctic char 'pastrami' was the best first course I've ever had! The gnocci and mahi-mahi were less memorable. Taste of Thailand downtown minneapolis for lunch too. Not destination-worthy, but nice to have something downtown and reasonable.

          1. Let's see...

            Bulldog NE - we went around 11pm one night for a very late dinner. I ordered the chili appetizer which was pretty disappointing. Very little flavor or spice. The service was also very slow considering we just ordered two appetizers. Husband go the beet plate which he's a big fan of.

            Margaux - I posted our experience elsewhere but basically I wouldn't go back. The waitress could care less about us and my entree of mahi mahi over sushi rice was poorly done.

            Aster Cafe - I really enjoy their food, even though it's pretty overpriced and the service isn't so friendly. I picked up a sandwich on baquette and green salad for dinner to take out.

            Thai Bazil - Got takeout again this night. Our dishes were a little funny but I could tell that the flavors were intricate. We'll definitely go back.

            Nami - We went to Nami for our monthly sushi night. I got the agedashi tofu appetizer and chirashi sushi dinner. It was all very good and the waitress was friendly.

            Riverview Wine Bar - We went yesterday after ripping out our kitchen! I had the Shiraz/Syrah wine flight and all but one were very good. Five of us split 3 pizzas - pear and gorgonzola, goat cheese, and a meat heavy one. The meaty one was a little too greasy but the others were light and flavorful. I also split the creme brulee with a friend and it was quite good.

            We'll be having lot of takeout in the next couple of months since our kitchen is being redone. I hope we encounter some fun places.