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Apr 15, 2007 09:53 AM

Brasserie Jo

I'm being taken to Brasserie Jo for a belated birthday dinner Tues. nite. I've heard the martinis are good (yay!). How is the food? Any recommendations?

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  1. There aren't too many outright misses on the menu. I think their best dishes are the stereotypical French bistro and brasserie classics: tarte flambee (sort of a flatbread pizza, the one with bacon is my fave), steak frites with any of several sauces (the Bordelaise is probably my favorite, excellent frites, too), onion tart, raw bar, coq au vin, frisee salad with poached egg, croque Monsieur (a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, available at the bar only), shrimp in parchment, steak tartare, choucroute (cabbage cooked in white wine, topped with a bunch of meats and sausages, very Alsatian), liver and onions. Very good cocktails (and giant sized -- be careful!), a pretty respectable wine list (predictably French-heavy), excellent profiteroles for dessert.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      is brasserie jo still doing a tableside chocolate mousse?

      1. re: BostonCorkDork

        I don't know about that dessert: how do you do mousse tableside? Maybe you mean the profiteroles, which they serve with a bit of tableside flair, bringing them out unsauced, and pouring chocolate sauce onto them from a big yellow pitcher until you say "when".

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          They used to do the same thing with the mousse, scooping quenelles tableside, then fussing it up with white and dark chocolate sauce. But last time I was there (it's our standard office outing restaurant for Christmas, when people leave, etc.), the mousse came preplated. Personally, I prefer the bread pudding. And I always get the steak frites with Roquefort and the pate plate. Other people always get the onion tart or onion soup, and people also like the salads.

      2. re: MC Slim JB

        Amen to the steak tartare, and I love the french onion soup, too.

        1. re: tatamagouche

          It's good to see that Brasserie Jo has opened a location in Boston. I have eaten at the Chicago location quite a few times over the last 10 years, and have always enjoyed the food and drink.

        2. re: MC Slim JB

          Love the carrots they put on the table--what's in them? I always wind up getting the mussels--best I've had anywhere!

          1. re: Lgalen

            I think the carrots are a classic French crudité : they're just shredded and dressed wtih a little Dijon vinaigrette. Addictive. Agree with the other poster who cited the excellent bread and butter.

            1. re: Lgalen

              If you're looking for the actual recipe, it can be found in the book The Boston Chef's Table: The Best in Contemporary Cuisine. Yummy! (I just ate at the Chicago location with friends. Great meal, and I loved the I did a little more digging to find the actual recipe. Well worth it.)

              Boston Chefs
              875 Main St Ste 3, Cambridge, MA 02139

          2. I second all of MC Slim JB's recs with special stars for the oysters, frisee aux lardon, and choucroute. I would also add the escargots, skate, and cheese trolley. Plus, their complimentary at table dish of dijon carrots and a nice baguette with wonderful butter.

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            1. re: tomaneng

              Two cheers for the skate wings entree. Yum!

              1. re: lescaret

                Ditto...only place to have good skate in the city :-)

                1. re: Spike

                  Only place for good skate? No way! What about Hamersley's, Lumiere and Rendezvous? All have excellent skate.

                2. re: lescaret

                  I forgot about the skate wing - that was pretty good the last time I had it!

              2. I have an especially warm place in my heart for their onion tart, tartes flambees, moules frites, steak frites, and roast duck breast.

                They no longer do the mousse table side, which was fun and over the top, but not necessary.

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                1. re: gini

                  I've always enjoyed myself there. There is a seafood preparation served in pastry that's very good, too.

                  1. re: pemma

                    The shrimp in a bag or something like that. Haven't had it in a long time, but I remember enjoying it lots too.

                2. I've never had a bad meal at Brasserie Jo. I recommend the profiteroles for dessert. The chocolate sauce is to die for. Have fun & happy birthday.

                  1. Enjoyed the shrimp in a bag with lobster sauce and the cheese platter for dessert. Baguette was great and carrots were a nice touch.