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Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios-Phoenix Area

Just took our 2 Great Danes on a early morning walk to A'J's for Breakfast. They had a wonderful Buffet set up outside w/ Omeletes made to order, French Toast , Fresh Fruit, Burritos....Bacon ...bagels...etc.
They even gave us a bowl of water for the dogs...

We were suprised to see how many people had brought their dogs....it was much more enjoyable than a Sunday Morning at the dog park.

Any other patios in town that are pet friendly?

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  1. I've seen dogs at Kashman's (the one at Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale), and they had a doggie watering bowl. A couple of times, I've seen people with their dogs on the patio at Uncle Louie's in the Terravita strip mall (at Scottsdale and Carefree Hwy). Uncle Louie's is a little Italian place (pizza and pasta), not the best food, but good when I don't want to drive very far. It's actually pretty popular up there - everytime I've gone, it's crowded.

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      We've been taking our dogs on weekend mornings out to Cosmo dog park in Gilbert...afterwards we go over the coffee place at Agritopia and the patio there is very dog friendly. There are also all the tables on the grass under the trees over next door at Joe's Farm Grill that are very pleasant to enjoy some coffee under. The Farm Grill isn't open in the morning but the coffee house has good coffee, baked goods, and usually some hot item like a breakfast burrito or quiche.

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        thanks for this, we'd driven up from Yuma with our doggie and little boy and wanted a good place to eat where everyone could stretch out and have a good time. My little boy loved running around with the other kids at Joe's Farm Grill, and our dog was able to meet a few of her kind before we finished our meal and headed over to Cosmo Park to wear them both out before the long drive home.

        I love threads like this, they make my life so much easier!!!

        By the way,our son polished off the grilled Peanut Butter & Banana sandwich, hubby had the BBQ chicken pizza, I had the Chicken salad sandwich, and we shared sweet potato fries and onion rings. Everything was very good, tho I was surprised at how small my sandwich was. The sweet potato fries were the highlight of the meal for me, as well as the relaxed ambiance & outdoor seating.

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        Scabbardgirl - you don't like the food at Uncle Louie's? I think they have a great antipasto salad, and love their pasta dishes. Pizza not the greatest but I like everything else alot.

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          No, I do like Uncle Louie's. I like the puttanesca sauce. I like the nicoise salad. I really like their tuna salad sandwich at lunch. But, if I compare it to Nick's, well, I like Nick's a bit better. The atmosphere at Uncle Louie's is more pizza parlor than Italian place. But, I do enjoy being able to sit outside on the patio. So, yes, I do like Uncle Louie's.

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            I agree about Nick's. Love the food there. I don't mind the pizza parlor atmosphere at Uncle Louie's.

      3. terroir wine bar on scottsdale road and indian bend has a nice patio and i have friends that always bring their dog - and have seen many dogs there. have to bring your own bowl for water though. : )

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          We love Terrior....
          How fun.....bring the dogs and unwind on a beautiful evening w/ a glass of vino!

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            Monday afternoon I was out running errands with my goddog, so thought we'd try it. We were happy girls! Lovely patio, & I got one of the very comfy chairs. I had duck pate, with a Hannah Sauv Blanc -- very yummy.

            Middle of a Monday afternoon, they were pretty slow, which gave both the staffers a chance to say hi to my doggie. And they did offer her a water bowl. I'd say *very* dog friendly

          2. The other place we've discovered is really nice to take the dogs is the Farm Kitchen up at the Farm at South Mountain. Best to have two people so one can go in and order...but sitting under the pecan trees with the dogs and walking around the grounds...we've done this twice now recently and it's been a really nice way to spend an afternoon...

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              I'm not sure why noone has mentioned Vintage Market at Biltmore Fashion Park. Right next door is that little dog barkery.

            2. Sugardaddy's in Scottsdale is a fun patio to bring your dogs to. ;-)

              1. We went to lunch at Pie Zano's in the Town & Country center on Saturday. They had a flyer in their window advertising doggie dining - but I don't recall which days this takes place. I think dogs are probably welcome on the patio at any time. I believe they also share the patio with Cypress Pita Grill.

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                  Out in the East Valley, Uncle Bears' has a pet friendly patio as well. They have dog bowls and all.
                  They have brunch on Sundays and the bloody mary's start flowing at 10am.

                2. La Grande Orange doesn't seem to have a problem with pets outside...there always seem to be a few pooches after my Croque Madame.

                  1. Orange Table by Scottsdale Civic Center is very pet-friendly. They have a great breakfast and lunch menu and its close to the newly remodeled Chaparral Dog Park!

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                      LOVE Orange Table. If you do bring your pets there, try the coffee soda with vanilla & cream. For breakfast, try the white flannel corned beef hash. Lunch, try the Loki sandwich.

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                        Our Dogs love the Chapparal Dog Park and we love Orange table....you know where we will be this weekend! Thanks for the awesome suggestion!

                    2. The Pita Jungle, Gelatto, and Coffe Plantation patios off of Shea all are doggy friendly and join up to each other so you can go restaurant surfing, dinner - ice cream - coffee and spend a whole evening with your pooch.

                      1. Another very dog-friendly place is Bomberos. This isn't the optimal time of year, naturally, but since they tend to be open a bit later, that helps with being outside.

                        Unfortunately, Vintage Market at Biltmore has been closed for some time now. Anybody happen to know whether the new Christopher's there is dog-friendly? (I've seen dogs outside at the previous Fermier location. And if you put your restaurant next to 3 Dog Bakery, you have to expect the question!)

                        1. Link to Bomberos ...

                          8801 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020

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                            Pier 54 in Tempe is dog friendly & they have provided dog bowls in the past. I think they're under new management now, with reduced hours for the duration of the summer. Come fall it's nice to sit out with the pups & have a cocktail on the water.

                            Pier 54
                            5394 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283

                          2. This post is great! I live in Tucson and whenever I go up to Phoenix I spent a long time searching for dog-friendly restaurants, and I always end up at Duck and Decanter on Camelback. They have a doggie cart with water bowls and milkbones, and a great patio, often with live music. Great sandwiches!

                            1. Postino welcomes dogs on the patio. They always bring out a bowl of water and occasionally a little treat from the kitchen. I have gotten a few funny looks from other diners, but for the most part people seem to enjoy seeing dogs there.

                              1. Switch & Ticoz allow small, well-mannered dogs on their patios. We took our Japanese Chin to Switch recently during happy hour. It was very comfortable; they greeted our pup nicely and even brought him out a bowl of water. It was really a great happy hour experience--since our best friend could tag along, too!

                                1. Breakfast Joynt had quite a collection of happy dogs, today.

                                  Breakfast Joynt
                                  14891 N Northsight Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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                                    I haven't taken any of the doggy-kids there yet, but the Rock Bottom at Desert Ridge is advertising that their patio is dog-friendly now. (This is a recent development in the last couple of months.) And I believe they have misters outside, which helps!

                                    Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
                                    21001 N Tatum Blvd # 38-1350, Phoenix, AZ